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  • 10 Common Blocks for Alternative and Wellness Practitioners by Stephen Dupre (Published: August 8, 2020)
    Every practitioner wants successful outcomes, right? Surprise! In many cases, their energy tells us a different story.

  • Liar, Liar – Pants On Fire by Stephen Dupre (Published: December 8, 2019)
    Our bothers about lies, lying or untruths ... in general... lead us to self-work - things in **our own** energy .. we must identify, clear or get neutral to.

  • The Energetic Effect of Disapproval by Stephen Dupre (Published: July 3, 2019)
    Can disapproval energy affect our experiences, outcomes, lab tests?

  • Drama! Drama? Drama?!#% by Stephen Dupre (Published: July 10, 2018)
        Where's the Fire? We often observe dramas unfolding in every corner of our lives and in the lives of others. But, are we neutral enough to recognize a drama ... as an effect - and not a root cause - so we don't…

  • Want Change? – First, Get Neutral by Stephen Dupre (Published: October 10, 2016)
    Get Neutral? To experience change, first, we need to get to neutral with change. Well, sometimes, that’s easier said than done, especially if neutrality is a new concept. So, what does it mean to get to neutral with change? From Neutrality: A New Definition) "Our new definition of neutrality…

  • Are Resolutions Useful? by Stephen Dupre (Published: March 1, 2016)
    It's better to be neutral about resolutions, so we have more choices available and avoid the dramas in our daily lives

  • The Paradox of Positive Thinking by Stephen Dupre (Published: November 14, 2015)
    When we're neutral to positive and negative thoughts or experiences, we can handle any situation in an even and unbiased way.

  • Getting Neutral To “My List” by Stephen Dupre (Published: November 7, 2015)
    Can our biases and the primary source of our life problems be the desire or need to keep a list?

  • The Session: The Shallows of Neutrality by Stephen Dupre (Published: September 25, 2015)
    The real power of getting neutral involves painting the widest set of extremes we can imagine and even some we can barely imagine.

  • Intention: The Answer, Or The Problem? by Stephen Dupre (Published: September 12, 2015)
    Get neutral to the judgment and polarities associated with intention

  • Neutrality – The Power Of Evenness – Really! by Stephen Dupre (Published: January 22, 2015)
    Neutrality is just the evenness of energy that allows for new possibilities in the next moment.

  • Are YOU Motivated by “Bothers”? by Stephen Dupre (Published: January 22, 2015)
    Being motivated solely by "bothers" isn't productive and actually can create symptoms for us. It's better to find the real bother so we can get neutral and resolve it.

  • When Things Won’t Go Away by Stephen Dupre (Published: January 20, 2015)
    To perceive change, we need to be neutral - so our energy supports (can't be bothered by) - “things going away”.

  • Act or Wait? – Anticipation Hesitation by Stephen Dupre (Published: December 22, 2014)
    Anticipation is another subtle , sometimes hidden energetic block to experiencing change.

  • Shifting Perception (and energy) by Stephen Dupre (Published: September 6, 2014)
    Can something as simple as an aversion to time or change affect our perception and ability to shift out of our symptom state?

  • Stress – When Knowing Is Painful by Stephen Dupre (Published: August 31, 2014)
    When we're bothered by either knowing or not knowing, the reaction we sense is labeled stress.

  • Stop Spinning Your Wheels – and Start Revving … in Neutral by Stephen Dupre (Published: August 16, 2014)
    Neutrality is where the *real* power is. "Revving" in neutral is the best path to change in the next moment.

  • Tales of the Insignificant – When Little Things Bother Us by Stephen Dupre (Published: May 22, 2014)
    Information has an energy that can create significant effects in our well-being - unless we're neutral...

  • Answers – With Simple Energetic Testing by Stephen Dupre (Published: April 20, 2014)
    Knowing your energetic state opens the door to real change.

  • Neutrality – And Symptoms by Stephen Dupre (Published: April 5, 2014)
    Symptoms are often primary clues to what bothers us.

  • Neutrality – And Prosperity by Stephen Dupre (Published: March 30, 2014)
    A Tale of Prosperity vs Poverty. Everyone wants abundance and prosperity. See how a neutral energy state can help support our goals and minimize our road blocks.

  • Neutral – Where The Power Is.. by Stephen Dupre (Published: March 17, 2014)
    Do you struggle and get stressed out reacting to events and situations? Discover how the power of neutral energy can get you out of your predicament.

  • Neutrality – At the Extremes… by Stephen Dupre (Published: March 15, 2014)
    A common neutrality question is: Why do we need to be energetically okay with - or go to - extremes to get neutral? Let's explore this very question.

  • Neutrality – And Reaching Our Infinite Potential by Stephen Dupre (Published: March 3, 2014)
    How do we reach our full potential? What blocks most people is the *opposite* of what they thought, believed or expected. When we're in a neutral energy state, we have no blocks and our energy can support reaching our goals.

  • Neutrality – A New Definition by Stephen Dupre (Published: March 1, 2014)
    Neutrality, in an energetic sense means having even, neutral energy across all the possibilities. Neutral energy keeps us in the calm place regardless of what is going on around us.