The Energetic Effect of Disapproval


The Approve / Disapprove Struggle

Can our struggle with the “paired” opposites of approval/disapproval block us from intuitively finding answers
… and perpetuate our symptoms?    Well, the answer must be “yes” or this article would be very short…

If we seek approval – or another way of putting it – if others disapproval bothers us (energetically), we’ll put out that (uneven) energy and attract people that do something we disapprove of.

A good example are smokers (if you don’t smoke).   But, it could be anything – people with tattoos or those that don’t follow rules/instructions or ignore authority figures, etc.

Collective Influences

Our energies are already projected out – resonating with and unfortunately – pulling in – the collective energies of others with this same or similar bother.   And, in most cases – in the general population – the bother is unknown to the person.    This collective “amplified” energy / charge can create, attract, or persist a particular situation, pattern – or drama – in a million-fold or trillion-fold way.

That’s how something that seems minor – in an abstract or metaphorical sense – can have a major energetic effect on us.

And, this energetic – or for some … empathic resonance occurs whether we – or someone else – verbalizes the approval/disapproval, puts pen to paper, or just thinks it – consciously or unconsciously.

Our own projected energy affects others around us – too – in some cases – 5000 x more than their own energy – just due to resonance.

So, let’s DELETE any (child-like) “needing approval” aspects that may affect our ability to intuit answers for others or ourselves… and get neutral to those energies – OK – done.

Our clients don’t need
our empathy, approval or concern to get better
They just need the (right) answers
revealed from their energy

In some cases, the major resonance effect isn’t our own energy resonating in the collective.   The resonating energy carried in us could come from our ancestors, our physical surroundings (current or past), karmic energy, and/or many other places.

Approval’s Influences

The approval/disapproval duality can affect our life choices.   We may be attracted to certain people – or careers (e.g. nurse, researcher, scientist, etc) where there is information to filter through and disapprove of…   We may consciously say we don’t disapprove of this or that, but underneath, the waters are boiling… and we may not know why.

Get Neutral to both Approval Extremes

We want to be neutral to both extremes of others’ disapproval (of/in us).
If others disapprove (of us), fine, if not, fine – neutral – and of course, neutral to the opposites (approve/not approve) for a 4-way neutrality clearing.   We may be surprised at which of the 4 “go weak” – often, not what we expect.

Now, when we are neutral (to disapproval), the evenness of our energy is less likely to attract people, clients (e.g. smokers, people that make us wait, etc) that resonate with the same issue of being bothered by some issue with “approval”.

If we are truly neutral, the smoker senses neutrality (no bias – we don’t care either way if they smoke), and they may not “light up”, because there is no uneven “energy of disapproval” for them to draw against.

Their behavior changes because we’ve changed (to become more neutral).

The smoker may also realize (after 15 minutes) –  they – haven’t taken out a cigarette – when they normally would …
… had there been the “energy of disapproval” around to energize their behavior.

Truly & Truthfully Neutral

Our own (true / truthful) neutrality is the key; not just saying (in words) or  thinking (“hey, I’m neutral”)  and still unconsciously “biting our lip” or worse – suppressing  – the thing(s) that bothers us (disapproval).

We have to act – and change the energy – to a more even and neutral state.

It’s counterintuitive from a logical sense (that our own energy & biases can be a primary influence on others’ behavior), but that’s what comes up from an energy perspective.

A person’s (unspoken) disapproval (of diet, health regime) or collective disapproval – e.g of society, family or other health professionals – cumulatively creates uneven “beliefs/information” energy and could weaken us or create experiences for us… influence a client’s “numbers” in a lab test too…

How could that be?
Energetic effects (like our disapproval example) are a common experience that can occur every dayif we take notice of it with our five senses and intuition.   For example, we may simply see/watch a video or TV program or commercial – and laugh, or sense a sadness or tears welling up (trigger).   Our heart rate rises, or we feel something physically – just thinking about something, or by someone saying something to us, or we if simply overhear a conversation.

We need to acknowledge these everyday things – that are mostly non-physical, and outside us in time and space (a old movie, a magazine article, a memory) – can affect us – and give us discernible PHYSICAL reactions or sensations – including pains.

We’re not just physical beings made of a bag of chemicals, molecules and atoms.   We also have mind and spirit – the non-physical is 2/3’s of us as beings.

Once and Done?

Projected and collective energy influences – and our need to get/stay neutral to them – is a continuing process
…. it’s not a “once and done”.

No one said neutrality was easy.

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