Neutrality – The Power Of Evenness – Really!

Make it Even

Neutrality is just evenness of energy.   When we have evenness, there is no energetic bias in a particular situation that would naturally create or attract events or dramas into our lives.   We strengthen things that weaken us – to get to evenness – so everything is equally and evenly energetically strong.

A person may perceive a huge change in their daily lives after getting neutral.  What happens is;  instead of their energy supporting only 1 or 2 choices, suddenly there are a trillion (even) choices.

So, it seems magical that another choice manifests and we think “that other thing no longer happens”.    Yet, all we did was even out the energy of all possible choices (imagined and especially the unimaginable), so one of those – even – trillion choices manifested and we experienced “different” (vs “the same” stuck place).

Stuck in the story

If we’re stuck (not neutral), all our energy is expended maintaining “the story” of the one or two choices of manifestation (“my life sucks”).

When we strengthen an energetic weakness, and get to neutral – we could still think of the old story, but now it has less or no effect – it becomes less significant in our lives.

When we’re neutral, other (new) stories can manifest – and can continue to manifest –  in future moments.

Less Focus on Specific Outcomes

Focusing on – or desiring – a particular outcome keeps things from changing.    In the best case, when we are neutral and shift, it’s because – for that moment – we really didn’t know (or care)  – energetically – what could manifest in the next moment.

Some miss the “neutrality to outcome” concept with energy work in general.  As a energy work or alternative practitioner, your neutrality is as important as the client’s.

A practitioner may consciously say they are not biased, but their projected (unconscious) energy is the driving factor that manifests.    Any desire or need (energy) for a specific outcome – also keeps things from changing.

Neutrality means positive or negative, different or same is all even

Neutral (to outcome) means the energy is even and ready to allow “different”, but also “the same” too…  (both sides)

That’s how The Power of Neutrality® – of having even energy – really works.   By being neutral, we expand the field of possibilities – and remove limitations so our lives can change for the better.