The Power of Neutrality® Services

Stephen is the founder of “The Power of Neutrality® – a supportive technique to discover the core issues related to your situation, bothers or stress.

Recordings, Seminars & Resources

Do you have questions about neutrality?      Stephen YouTube channel – The Power of Neutrality® where he discusses various subjects of neutrality   Getting to neutral can relieve a lot of the stresses in life that manifest our symptoms.

Also, visit our Facebook page The Power of Neutrality®

The Power of Neutrality® Consultations

Through remote (phone, Skype or Zoom) consults, Stephen intuitively connects with the answers within you.  We don’t require any physical contact or even my in-person presence.   

Surrogates:   When necessary, due to circumstances, you can serve as a surrogate for another person or pet whether or not they are in your presence.    Visit the “Schedule Consultation” link (BookedIn site) for more details and to book a consultation.

Consults for other Energy Work Practitioners

Stephen can tune in to your client energeticallyusing you as a surrogate – and offer insights on both routine and challenging cases to complement your modality.

Use the Coaching / Consultations link to schedule a consultation via phone or Skype today.