Are Resolutions Useful?

resolutionsAre Resolutions Useful?


New Years – or any other resolutions – can be a sticking point for many.  It’s better to be neutral – and above the kind of (absolute) polarities resolutions create.

For many, a resolution is like a vow.   Forcing ourselves to have resolutions is an attempt to manufacture energy or momentum to do something – from drama – something we may unconsciously do – in many situations.

Ultimately, this is not a good pattern.

Once A Year

A New Years resolution is a way of accumulating and pushing our wants, needs and desires into the future.   This “gunny-sacking” of our issues –  to deal with them just once a year – blocks our insight and ability to uncover the right answer in this moment.

Resolutions often program us to be more stuck, hesitate more, and hold on to old patterns more often and longer.

Then, we get disappointed or discouraged when our anticipations/expectations are not met.

Language Bites

Resolution.    The word “resolution” itself is culturally loaded with confusion and polarity.

“resolution” is often defined – broadly –
as both “intention to start”
and “finishing” (resolving)
how messed up is that?

Resolutions Are Obligations

When we feel into it, the “resolution” thought or experience often connects with obligation energy.

We can believe or think this energy is coming from us, but strangely it’s often the energy from others to us... and that misinterpretation – can make us react / avoid / hesitate.   Our energy simply doesn’t support taking action to manifest what we say we want.

The Neutral Choice

Instead of struggling with resolutions and obligations, we can have resolve from a neutral place – with our choice to do or not do something – coming from our true self – without the need to create or attract drama.

Let’s all be New Years (and any other time) Neutral to Resolutions!

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