Act or Wait? – Anticipation Hesitation





Why hesitation affects our improvement

Some of us have experiences in the past when things, events,  etc., that we judge “good” eventually turned sour.    Have you or someone you know internalized any of these variations of well-worn sayings?

  • waiting for the other shoe to drop (bad things come in groups)
  • no good deed goes unpunished (bad things always happen after good things)
  • it can only get worse (things never get better)
  • all good things must come to an end  (good things don’t last)
  • (good) luck runs out (good fortune is scarce, poverty-stricken mentality)
  • the devil you know (any change is always worse than where we are now)
  • hold your horses!   (slow down – too fast is risky/dangerous)
  • gotta get my ducks-in-a-row (wait – everything needs to be perfect first)
  • things happen in 3’s (wait for the (imaginary) pattern to play out)
  • you can’t teach an old dog new tricks (learning / experiencing is more difficult when time has passed)
  • damned if you do, damned if you don’t (wait until I can determine which behavior punishes me less)

Our hesitancy in perceiving a shift could be due to our energetic weakness to anticipation, improving, getting better, etc.   When we, our ancestors, descendants or siblings have experiences that “things didn’t work out” (eventually), our judgment of the past situation can cause us to unconsciously hesitate or hold ourselves back from shifting or sensing improvement or change.

Stubbornness can be part of this energetic block and the inability to be neutral and “give up” (the opposite of stubbornness).

We can also harbor confusion for why we are not shifting.    It’s not always the need to hold on  or even our need to hold on (the spiritual or psychic energy causing the effect could be from a specific person, the collective, etc).

Anticipation is yet another subtle,
sometimes hidden energetic block to experiencing change.

Through energetic testing, we can precisely identify the energetic blocks to shifting our awareness and perception so we can experience change for the better.

Anticipation is the polar opposite of holding on

People who don’t experience/perceive immediate energetic shifts can have either holding on or anticipation weakness – or a combination of the two.

  • Holding on is more like an anchor limiting forward movement (change).
  • Anticipation is like a wall blocking us (making us hesitate) from going forward – for allowing something new to manifest (though it can be related to past events)

Remember, it’s not what we logically think is the issue, it’s what our energy says is the true cause(s).

You mean – things might improve?!  Crap!

For many, negative anticipation is not the primary block to improvement.    Positive anticipation (so-called “good” outcomes, hope, desires, wants, improvement, etc) can be the primary energetic block to shifting.

BOTH positive and negative anticipation
can create energetic blocks to perceiving shifts
that have already taken place.

Energetic weakness to anticipation is what typically creates the hesitation (“whoa, hold your horses!”) response to shifting in-the-moment.

Whether your practice consists of conventional, holistic, integrative or energy work, your own anticipation, beliefs and judgment has a profound effect on your results with clients.   (See also Common Blocks for Alternative and Wellness  Practitioners)

The Power of Neutrality® process can help neutralize these blocks to improving yourself and your clients for the better.

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