When Things Won’t Go Away


The Path To Immediate Change

Our best path to immediate change occurs when we:
  • get more neutral with letting things go away
    … and
  • remove our judgment and rigid thinking


There are some good things in your life; if they disappear, it would bother you.
That’s why it’s hard for you to change for the better…
You’re struggling with “things going away” in your life.

That’s why you have a hard time – even bad things don’t go away.

Because, your non-conscious self cannot judge what is good or bad,
so across-the-board, it won’t let anything go away.
– Dr. Kam Yuen

To perceive change, we need to be neutral – so our energy supports (can’t be bothered by)“things going away”.

It’s a hard concept to understand – that our tendency to unconsciously “hold on” to good things keeps bad things from leaving.

So, get neutral to things going away.

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