Shifting Perception (and energy)

Perception and Awareness of Energetic Shifts

To shift out of our symptom state in-the-moment, neutrality and clear and complete perception is key.   We want our energy to be strong and neutral with perceiving energetic and physical changes/shifts.

Some people have trouble perceiving energetic shifts or changes.    Many elements can inhibit a person from perceiving energetic shifts that have already taken place.  (e.g. to notice their thinking or symptom state changed).

We use energetic testing as our “measuring tool
to gauge what truly affects us
so we can strengthen the energy to “neutral”

When neutrality and “energetically” strong perception exists, we can – both:

  • identify the right answers enfolded in our own energies using energetic testing and
  • perceive the changes in-the-moment

Let’s look at the 2 most common elements blocking perception – time and change.   These simple concepts can be the main roots of energetic blocks for many to perceiving beneficial change.


Energetic blocks to TIME can influence and inhibit our ability to perceive shifts that have already taken place.

By checking the energy (energetic testing), we can know we (or a client) shifted  … (energy is strong/neutral)
rather than think:

  • we’ve missed something
  • why aren’t we/client noticing change?
  • well, let’s see what happens in a few days…  (wait and see)

So, what’s really going on?

In many cases OUR OWN bias/beliefs related to time – e.g. “see what happens” energy – can block perception of an energy shift.

As practitioners, we can project out and affect a client’s energy for perceiving immediate change.  Of course, if the client harbors those “wait and see” energies too, then it’s a double-whammy.

Clearing TIME Blocks

When the energy has shifted, but the person can’t perceive it, all is not lost.    We just need to know how to remedy the situation using energetic testing and find what element of time tests “weak” – indicating the answer.

Neutrality to all TIME elements is essential for both client (and practitioner) to perceive changes

How does one solve this common problem?

Strengthen neutrality to all time factors

The main time elements  are (notice the progression):

FOREVER/NEVER, eons, centuries, decades, years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds…..this moment!

The energy needs to be neutral and strong with every element up to and including ‘this moment’.

Many people just focus on “this moment”, but it is the weak energetic support  for other time elements – that need to be cleared first
that block perception of the “this moment” shift

We want “this moment” – and all other time elements – to be energetically supported by both client and practitioner.    But, in order to get to “this moment”, we have to strengthen and remove every time element energetic block.

So, perceiving shifts is not about “being in the moment“.    The shift happens because we’ve removed and neutralized the blocks to “never”… “weeks”, etc., so the shift that’s already taken place can be perceived.


A second and common element blocking noticing shifts is our misinterpretation of what has taken place.    We may have distorted perception caused by energetic blocks (not neutral) to what are called “opposing opposites” (also called the misinterpretation octagon).

Some of us (and our clients) can’t easily distinguish between things that are:

  1. the same/not the same
  2. different/not different
  3. changing/not changing
  4. perception / no perception

When we ask for client feedback – about an energetic shift that has already occurred, the person with a misinterpretation block/weakness will often say “it feels the same” (i.e. no change).



Strengthen neutrality in perceiving “changes”

Commonly, the energetic support may be weak (not neutral) for one of these three (related to the list above):

  1. “Different”related to judgment – being different (stick out)… might be punished for it.
  2. “Change(s)” related to beliefs –  “Change is difficult”, “Change is dangerous”, “Change is bad”, “Can’t change the past”
  3. “Not the Same”related to safety/concern –  Not the same (“routine”) is uncomfortable, frightening, seems unsafe.

Energetic weakness to one or more of these misinterpretation “pairs” will create a resistance to perceiving a shift.

We need to strengthen this energy to neutral or strong to all these factors.    
(i.e. so  it’s OK for something to change, and for the person to perceive it – it’s not voodoo,  we’re not judging it, etc)

NOTE:   As stated earlier, practitioners could project out weakening energy into the situation too, so check your own energy and the client to determine where the block is coming from…

Final Thoughts

When we’re energetically strong and neutral with the TIME and CHANGE elements of perception (and a few more), our energy supports manifesting a different outcome “on-the-spot” vs just reinforcing the state of “nothing changed”.

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