Getting Neutral To “My List”

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Biases – What’s on your List?

Biases are things we may unconsciously keep on our internal radar screen.

Unfortunately, biases  also limit our life choices by energizing or attracting just one or two possibilities.

That’s where many of us get stuck in our life issues, story or symptoms.

Neutrality or the acceptance of evenness – is a better option.

Working on Our Stuff

It’s common that we (logically) think we don’t have biases, that we’re not stuck – just “working on our stuff”... or that somehow serious, lingering, or one-after-the-other “challenges” are expected or even (unconsciously) welcomed as part of life…

This is a familiar pattern for many.

Whose Rules are They?

The need to have serious challenges “life has challenges” (or the driving unconscious thought – “life needs to be difficult”) – doesn’t really compute.    It’s just an old, well-worn story or idiom we learn, repeat, internalize and overuse – and of dubious origin.

The thought that life needs to be a struggle, a challenge – actually projects out that energy – and attracts and manifests – more experiences of life challenges and struggle.

The Invisible List

For some, the energy of our life issues or challenges are like a score or invisible list we think we need to keep – as if continually maintaining a list – and crossing things off this imaginary list – somehow gives us a more fulfilling life.

the “need for challenges” means:
always gotta have something
on the list .  .  .
because that’s the rule .  .  .

Let’s just delete those “need for challenges” or “need to keep a list” conscious or unconscious thoughts from our presence and also wherever they came from – and get neutral to “zero” (no challenges) and the empty list (or no list) – Poof!

Wouldn’t we at least want the empty list as an equal and neutral possibility?

The only real “challenge” – if we want something to change – is to widen our field of possibilities by getting neutral.   When we’re neutral, the energy of more things is even – so more things are possible.

When we find the real answer(s) to strengthen and change our situation – our lists and our old stories can be thrown in the trash can – where they belong.    It takes just 1 second.

And,  remember – don’t go back and pick through the trash.

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