Drama! Drama? Drama?!#%



Where’s the Fire?

We often observe dramas unfolding in every corner of our lives and in the lives of others.

But, are we neutral enough to recognize a drama
as an effectand not a root cause – so we don’t get sucked in?


Drama’s Roots

Our energetic state can – and does – attract our so-called life issues, situations or stories – such as dramas.   Dramas are just the universe’s mechanism (or sometimes weird sense-of-humor) that indicates – and informs us of – an energetic weakness that affects us – that we need to resolve, strengthen – or get neutral to

But, sometimes, the drama that manifests may have loose – or no – direct association to the energetic weakness (e.g. something in our life we’ve put to the side) we need to resolve.

So, the “what to resolve” message could be hidden, layered, or muddled – unless we can step back in to our neutrality and use our clear insight.

Some examples of neutrality struggles / weaknesses that attract dramas:

  • revenge/grudges/karmas
  • (the need to) get moving (or stop moving)
  • (the need to) slow down (or speed up)

These 3 examples can illicit a large physical reaction due to cumulative effect – and may or may not come from us.

So, our best solution is to first make a wide lasso of “general” neutrality clearing to get either:
1)  the more primary effect – or
2) the widest effect or set of extremes (if there is no clear primary element)

Remember, the root cause of the drama clearing may lead us to causes outside us.   Many modalities don’t investigate outside energy influences effect on us and this is where they miss the mark.

The energy that weakens us .. could come from any-thingany-where and any-when.

When we find – and get neutral to – the real reasons, causes and sources of the drama …
…  we are more neutral and the need to <create – attract – perpetuate> a drama or dramas (to remind us) will disappear because there is no need to energize them.

That’s “Get Neutral to Dramas 101” in a nutshell.

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