10 Common Blocks for Alternative and Wellness Practitioners

Neutrality and Alternative, Wellness or Energy Work Practitioners

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Are you a successful wellness or energy work practitioner?

Some practitioners – after taking training in a certain modality  (alternative, integrative, complimentary and energy work) – have concerns about using their techniques on others outside the comfort of the training class.

Even some experienced practitioners struggle with inconsistent results in certain situations or with certain people.

So, when practitioners don’t get the results they desire, what are the real reason(s)?

What REALLY bothers practitioners
about their inconsistent results
is never what they describe
that’s why they stay stuck

By checking the energy of the situation, and not making any assumptions or guesses, we can determine the real issue(s) that (energetically) block  consistent results.   From my experience, the most common practitioner complaint areas are the following:

  1. Fear of harming someone (make it worse)
  2. Inconsistent results
  3. Not enough clients
  4. Can’t work with my family/friends
  5. Clients complain about rates
  6. Worry – can’t make enough money
  7. I question/don’t trust my answers
  8. Not Worthy, Question Worth of (my) Offering
  9. Perfectionists.  (practitioner) All-or-Nothing energy
  10. Can’t work on myself

Every individual has their own story.   But, taken as a group of practitioners that we’re referring to, we can energetically check, aggregate and profile what is going on from a neutrality and energy standpoint.

For this neutrality work, we only consider things that weaken our energy field (i.e. energetic weaknesses) – and affect us –  indicating the answer.   If what we say/think is the issue is – tests energetically strong / neutral – and doesn’t present a weakness in our energy, we ignore/skip it and move on – it’s not the answer.

Let’s examine each complaint

1.  Fear of harming someone

Let’s check the energy of the situation.

The Surprise:   In many cases, the practitioner energy is neutral to the client getting worse after a session.   (Neutral just means – energetically – it’s not the issue or weakness, not that the practitioner doesn’t care or they are OK with a bad outcome).   For the benefit of the client, it’s important the practitioner is (energetically) neutral to the worse scenario.
The Real Bother:   The opposite.    The energetic weakness is the practitioner being extremely good at what they do or that everyone they work with gets benefit.   Being good triggers experiences where this meant being famous – and energetically there is resistance because they had negative experiences of losing their privacy.

So, we need to strengthen to neutral for being the best at what you do, so it’s even – energetically – with the worst scenario.

The practitioner is already neutral to what they judge the “worst” scenario (i.e. their stated complaint – “Fear of harming someone”).

The energetic weakness / block is not being neutral to the best scenario; of being wildly good or successful – and that weakness affects the outcome with their clients.

Get neutral to:   Wildly competent & successful – affecting your privacy

2.  Inconsistent results

This is another way of saying clients don’t get beneficial results every time.     Inconsistency is what the practitioners say bothers them, but what does their energy say?

The Surprise:  Practitioners are often already energetically neutral with getting no results or up and down results.
The Real Bother:   Consistent anything weakens their energy.   The practitioner complaint is about inconsistency, but their energetic weakness is consistency.

The practitioner has experiences in the past when things were consistent, they didn’t remain consistent, so it led to crippling disappointment and/or discouragement.   So, to avoid (eventual) disappointment, rather than have consistency, the practitioner  unconsciously chooses inconsistency and projects  inconsistent” energy into the situation, so their clients don’t manifest/keep/maintain the results.

The weakness can cause the practitioner to resonate with – and therefore attract – certain clients with the same weakness (consistency) as a reminder that consistency needs to be resolved.

We need to strengthen to neutral:

  • the practitioner’s energetic weakness for consistency and
  • remove any anticipation (positive or negative) energy about outcomes or disappointment.

Get neutral to:   Consistency  

3.  Not enough clients

Everyone wants to be successful with getting clients, right?     Well, in this case, that’s not what the practitioner’s energy is telling us.

The Surprise:    The practitioner is already neutral (or strong energetically) to having very few or no clients at all.
The Real Bother(s):  The practitioner’s energetic weakness is to having too many clients and secondly the unevenness of the client/practitioner they project out.

This is somewhat related to (1).    Here’s what comes up:

a)  The practitioner is “bothered” energetically and has an energetic weakness for people taking up his/her time (i.e. too many clients).   The practitioner projects out that energy “don’t take up my time“, and others sense this energy – so these practitioners get few or no clients.

b)  The need for evenness (no hierarchy) between practitioner and client.   Conventional healthcare has this hierarchy and if we internalize this idea that we’re better than someone or we know something our clients don’t, we’re buying into a false belief or need to have hierarchy.

After all, every answer comes from the client’s energy, not the practitioner.

Beneficial results are more likely when practitioner and client are even – approaching the situation from a state of neutrality, (innocent) discovery – of emptiness and – knowing nothing – as a starting point.

Also, we have to strengthen to neutral the idea of being so successful, and having so many clients that you have to turn hundreds away and move away to a secret location because they’re showing up at your door day and night.   Silly, right?    Get neutral to being EXTREMELY successful.

Get neutral to:   Too many (clients) – i.e. Success

4.    Can’t work with my family/friends

Some new practitioners (and some experienced) claim they can’t work with their own family.   Either they don’t get results, or they’re uncomfortable or both.

The Surprise:    Often, the practitioner’s own uneven energy toward their family is what manifests and maintains this situation, not the family members.
The Real Bother(s):   Internalized “can’t” energy from all the families you’ve experienced.  We protect children with “can’t” and “don’t” a lot.

Secondly, often our family is special to us compared to others.    This special treatment or distinction between a family member versus other clients creates an unevenness in your neutrality that affects results.   Your mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, cousin or friend should be even – “energetically” – and like a stranger to you.

For some, there are cultural, religious or other influences that are secondary.      We deal with these other influences when they surface as  primary energy blocks to change.

Get neutral to:   Evenness 


5.  Clients complain about rates

Some practitioners say they have clients that either complain about rates or don’t want to pay them for their time.

Let’s look at the energy.

The Surprise:   The practitioner can project out this energy – attracting this behavior.
The Real Bother(s):   The practitioners aren’t neutral to the bothers listed below:  (none of these would come up using logic).

NOTE: Since this was a sample, other group energy would reflect a different list or the list would be in a different order.

Here are the top 5 to get neutral to:

a) earning –  the concept of “earning” weakens our energy.    And not respect or trust (as one might conventionally expect), but other earning in general – not just by money.    (like the energy/concept of “earning your keep” where maybe your labor was exchanged for room-and-board, like an indentured servant experience) 

b) begging – simply putting out our hand (to get paid) triggers begging experiences that have not been resolved.   Your own begging experiences but more when someone begged you for something, you declined.    This is a powerful energetic block to getting paid and must be deleted.

c) criticism – in a way, our own previous judgment & criticism can attract this.  Since there is also a (combined) weakness with getting paid, we can attract people that specifically  – criticize (our techniques, hours of operation, decor) – to force renegotiation on price to hit both (criticize & price) combined weaknesses.

d) paying full price – if the practitioner has a bother/energetic block about 100% in general, then “paying 100%  becomes an issue (bargain hunter), and the energy can project out –  resonate with and attract people with similar beliefs/behavior.

We want our energy to support 100% (the concept too, not just pay) and beyond 100%.

So, be/get neutral to the concept of 100% or greater;   i.e. you can pay 100% or more and be neutral with it; get (you or your clients) more than 100% “better”, etc.

e) medicine man (or woman)/shaman experience – we may harbor a belief and connect with experiences of being altruistic (noble) or having a skill  (like a medicine man with an associated/accepted vow of poverty) – where assisting others is more important than being paid.


6.   Worry “can’t make enough money”

Some mention financial fears as the reason they hold back from learning a modality or becoming a practitioner.

The Surprise:   There is zero financial fear weakness related to learning or being a practitioner.
The Real Bother(s):  The answer of #2.   Consistency (more broadly based experiences) is the real bother.

The person has experiences or thoughts about miracles (once in a while, rare experiences) triggered by this consistency weakness.   In their energy, the thought of consistency just brings up all their times when things weren’t consistent (miracles certainly aren’t consistent)

Get neutral to:   Consistency

7.   I question/don’t trust my answers

Practitioners can block answers by “the need to question” or the academic mindset.    Sometimes, the core issues are many and layered.   Here are the top blocks:

  • discernment (comparing) – the person actually gets answers, but doesn’t accept the answers.  So they claim ‘I question the answers‘  but the weakness could be < comparing / accepting / rejecting > the discernment triad.From “Clearing Perception Blocks – Discernment

    If rejecting or accepting bothers us, we will be blocked at comparing – a basic element required to find a weakness.   Comparing precedes the accepting (of the answer) and rejecting (of anything not the answer).   

  • “need to become proficient” first, then (I) will trust my answers.   This is the conventional mindset tied to the conventional learning experience – “The Learning Anchor” – that learning something new take time, struggle to master.Likely there’s no weakness to proficiency.   In some cases, it’s a “(need) confirmation” (or consensus) weakness or “others trusting us” weakness – that blocks/keeps us from trusting our own answers.
  • “Do” (or do not) weakness.   Our collective experience is to try (fail) many times before success (try/fail, try/fail, try/fail, then do).  We can resonate with collective mental blocks of “success is never on first try” .. which is a ridiculous energetic block that needs to be removed.    We want “do” strong and neutral (especially on 1st try), so there is no blocking effect of “do”.
  • (new!) Trusting myself  (“me trusting me” / my answers – a common story – is not weak, but it TRIGGERswhen others trust ME
    … and that story goes weak (opposite).When we look at this blocking trigger, we can “go neutral” to the 2 extremes of “others‘ trusting me”:  
    (a) Others (everyone) completely trusting me
    (b) Others (everyone) completely DIS-trusting me always
    Guess which one – (a) or (b) – is the neutrality weakness?   Yep, it’s “(a)”  for many (just the opposite of what we may believe).
    If everyone, everywhere TRUSTED you COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY, PERFECTLY, ALWAYS… and that weakness – blocks … YOU trusting YOURSELF…So, where’s that weakness coming from?
    (1) Descendants, (2) Spirit Attachments, (3) Collective (humanity, family, cultural)
    Clear / get neutral to that weak side of others’ trusting us completely, so that our answers come effortlessly – with no issues of trust. 

Get neutral to:    Discernment, (need for) Consensus, Do (try).   Others completely trusting me.

8.    Not Worthy.   Negative Self-Talk on skillset, etc

“Whatever you think it is, or say it is, is NOT what it is”.Dr. Kam Yuen, D.C.

A practitioner may say to us “well, I used to be like that, but now xyz”, we can check in that moment + use the Energetic Testing tool #2rolling back the clock to intuit the energy years ago – and re-write a persons own thinking about why/how they got out of their funk relating to offering services.

  • worthiness, not worth it, etc.

Well, that’s a nice story – if you want a pity party, or to demonstrate some kind of false humility, but over 90% that claim/tell that story … there’s no energetic weakness to “not worthy”.   Some parts of “The Session:  Money/Abundance” apply here

The Surprise:   Worthiness?  Nope (no surprise either)
The Real Bother(s):   Acceptance  (compensation, money) is the main weakness. (and not self-acceptance).  

Some other common weaknesses related to accepting

  • Negotiation triggers unresolved dishonest, uneven accepting experiences
    i.e. karmic experiences of “forced others to accept” (terms, conditions, contracts, compensation, “bill of goods”)
  • Unresolved misrepresentation experiences triggered (yours, but many times ancestors need to be cleared)
  • Accepting triggering unresolved theft, stealing (karmic) experiences.  Taints any “accept compensation” experience
    Karmic victims energy can be palpable (hands get cold, etc)

Get neutral to:    Accepting
(clear any energy that “taints” accepting causing us to recoil or avoid it.   Clients & others feel that energy you project out, and either don’t call, don’t call back, or feel odd during the payment transaction – the client feeling they’re literally giving you something you don’t want)).


9.  Perfectionists.  (practitioner) All-or-Nothing energy projected into the situation

We, as practitioners have to be neutral / satisfied with incremental improvement.   When we “follow the weakness”, we are  strengthening – incrementally – everything we find along the way.   Those expecting the “one big button” weakness (one issue/100%) – will achieve spotty results – because everyone – and every issue – is different.

The word choices and weight of the (our) complaints – are hints – to what the practitioner needs to get neutral to.

1 or 0 speech patterns/terminology – perfectionist => exposed!!
is working” or “I tried everything” or “I’m getting 100% but they perceive nothing

Perfections often have what I call “Beavis and Butthead” (0 or 1 – “it sucks/it rocks”) mentality..
Perfectionists who won’t accept anything but 100% … or “I quit” – project that energy into their clients..
So, the client is blocked – and perceives NOTHING.

Rewind … and check.. Is the problem:

  1. me? (YouTube video: “Oh, Sh$!, it’s me“)
  2. the clients’ energy
  3. somewhere else – other than (1) and (2)?

…and use numerical profiling – i.e.  how much?

Don’t blame the client until you know!

The Surprise:   Practitioner often thinks it’s the clients’ problem (it can’t be ME!)
The Real bother:  
Mediocrity (“the middle”) – bothers the practitioner (“if I can’t have “all”, I’d rather have nothing”)

Get neutral to:  All points in the “squishy middle” – which in our YUEN Method world means
“incremental improvement” is OK.1% is OK, so is 5%, 10%, 20% – not just 0 or 100% i.e. the extremes )

10.    Can’t work on myself

Myself is kind of a catchall for “my issues”.   But are “my issues” – just mine? .. or from other sources too?

The Surprise:  As an “issue”, “myself ” – no weakness.. But as a TRIGGER, it “goes weak”
The Life Problems Triad is:    <Issues – Triggers – Choices>
We can assert every life problem we look at is an “issue”; but, issue is (just) one of the 3.
The Real Bother:  “Myself ” can be:

  • a trigger (weakness)  
    • Triggers Opposite – opposite of “myself” is – “everyone else” i.e. “collective”
      Block is; the collective energy of;  “(can’t rule/condition) I need – someone else’s – help (to improve/change)”.  
    • Triggers Alone  experiences.  Clear any weaknesses to “self” / “alone” / “others”.
    • Triggers Helpless experiences (child).  Delete back through time, collective, ancestors, etc..
  • a choice
    • Martyr belief – “others have to improve first” (let me be last). Problem is: there 7.2B others..
  • energy from outside us (mostly) – ancestors, etc. other areas “outside us”

Get Neutral to:   All the elements of myself mentioned.  Once other elements are cleared, “myself” will no longer be a trigger or block to perceiving changes or getting results.

Final Thoughts

Any complementary or wellness practitioner can improve outcomes when they are neutral.     When both the practitioner and the client are in an even and  neutral state, then the energy supports new possibilities and outcomes instead of maintaining or reinforcing the state of “no change”.

So, before switching modality or learning a new technique, consider using energetic testing to discover what’s really going on – and get to neutral first.

Liar, Liar – Pants On Fire

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire
If someone lies to you,
would that bother you?

What can often bother us about lies or lying or untruths in general… are things in our own energy  (or influences)
… that we have to identify, clear or get neutral to.

Huh?   What’s there to get neutral to? Shouldn’t it BOTHER me if someone lies?
Shouldn’t I WANT people to tell me the truth?

Well, yes and no;  people often think or believe they’re telling you the truth.   But, it doesn’t mean they – know or are – actually telling you the truth.

So, what IS the truth?

YouTube:  Can You Handle The Truth?

Many of us are bothered by … untruths (lies) …
… but also when someone tells us something … whether it’s true (or not true).

Judgment of what is true or not true – is a common neutrality – and energetic – block to noticing improvement.

On average, the energetic effect of lying (or more accurately judging some tale or story) – affects us:
1)  5x more ( when someone tells us directly) vs
2) 3x more if we hear it (3x) radio/tv or
3) 2x more if we read it

So, let’s begin in the middle of a session – where lying came up.


Practitioner:   (Intuit..)  So, your energy is telling me …  okay, let’s say, if someone lies to you, would that bother you?
Client:   Yes, it bothers me a lot when others lie to me.

Practitioner: What went weak first is “truth” – but more specifically –  “I don’t want to know (the truth)” (When Knowing Is Painful)

… so your energy is – unconsciouslysupporting others lying to you…
… or let’s be more specific – misleading you – because …

… you (and ancestors) have past experiences … when someone told you the truth, it was worse than not knowing (the truth).
Hearing, but mostly knowing – the truth – actually caused more grief than the untruth(s) – or of not knowing.   So, your energy rejects – and/or makes it hard for your to
< accept/acknowledge/recognize> and shift
– when you hear – or are told – truths.

What I get from your energy is;  there is some “coping mechanisms / false tools” energy you’re using to sidestep.
(the 6 false tools are:  1) suppress, 2) deny, 3) lie (to yourself), 4) practice forgetting, 5) numb yourself, 6) shut yourself down )

In order of “highest” weakness:

  1. suppress ((I’m gonna) ignore it, “store” it)
  2. go into denial (this person wouldn’t deceive me
  3. shut down (walk away, don’t tell me anymore, stop listening)
  4. numb (affects different areas, depends where we store it)

All these “coping mechanisms” create a pile of cumulative effects (dynamite) that gets bigger over time… until it lights off (trigger) and causes an explosion.

That’s the reaction we sense…

Client:  But, how do I get neutral to people lying?     That makes no sense.
What if someone HIDES the truth from us, keeps secrets?    Shouldn’t we want others to tell us the truth and not hide or lie?

whose problem is it, really?

Practitioner: (aside)
This isn’t a judgment or philosophical discussion about justice – or whether a “bad deed” should lead to => punishment… or that we or someone should “hold someone accountable” for their lies to us… or punish them.   If those thoughts come up, it’s indicating another layer we have to clear and get neutral to.   Most likely we – or someone in our ancestral chain – needs to resolve / delete all the karmic effects and experiences related to lying, punishment.

We do these energy clearings– ultimately – so

  • we react less (reacting or suppressing our bothers will eventually give us symptoms) and
  • project out a more NEUTRAL energy (so we attract, create and perpetuate fewer dramas related to lying experiences)

Practitioner:    (continuing) Well, that’s a reasonable thought process/list of questions…
… all those things you mention, “hiding“, “secrets” – we should bookmark as “things to get neutral to”.

But, let’s deal with lying/liars.     Let me give you an example..

Let’s say you watched 2 random people … and saw one person lie to another person, wouldn’t you think it’s the liar’s problem, yes?

Client:   Of course, it’s their problem!

Practitioner:   But, yet, when someone lies to you – you take it on as your problem (to solve)… by your “bothered” reaction.

Client:    I get it, it’s really NOT MY PROBLEM – if someone lies to me… but it’s hard concept to grasp

Practitioner:  It’s really the ENERGY we take on or resonate with.    And, it’s harder to LET GO …  of thinking it’s OUR problem …
We’ve been programmed by societal, cultural and religious “norms” to react as if it’s our problem to solve, as if we’re the judge, jury and enforcer of punishments.

So, at the very least, examine your own reaction for things to get neutral TO...   It may be you have similar experiences and when you SENSE either truth or untruth, it triggers your own experiences of misleading, of telling lies (even white ones) – that have not been resolved … in your own energy.

Whether things – in GENERAL – are true or not true … or whether someone tells us something that is true or not true, it’s best we be neutral about it and not be reacting.

Your neutrality
changes the situation


Being NEUTRAL in a situation where everyone else is reacting... means we’re more likely to attract a different outcome.   We’re more likely to attract truth  .. even with the liar .. as they sense – from your neutral energy – you’re not going to react.    They may lie to everyone else, but not to you.

We need to be neutral with information – in general – because many of us are affected by what we READ or WHAT’S TOLD TO US, whether it’s true or not true

Be neutral with information (in general)
whether it’s true or not true

But let’s get back to lies and truth.     We all have experiences of someone telling us what they think or believe … or is collectively believed – to be true… that later turns out to be false.   There are many examples I won’t go into here.

Lies, Lies, Lies

Client:  Shouldn’t I want/expect others to (always) tell me the truth?

Practitioner:   Well, there are several ways to look at truth, lies and neutrality.

We could be simply misled (by others) who aren’t intentionally trying to lie to you.    They just don’t know the truth.


Client: “My shoulder hurts.” (i.e. I think I know the truth, something is wrong with MY SHOULDER)
Practitioner: “Well, it’s not coming from your shoulder”.  (“shoulder” = not true ~~ a lie – giving yourself “not the right answer” is a lie to yourself)

NOTE:   People lie to us every day..  most times because – simply – they just don’t know the truth.    Telling us something that isn’t the truth adds energetic weight to the “(someone’s) lying to me” weakness/neutrality.

Get Neutral To:   True or not true.
Get Neutral To:   If someone lies to you, it shouldn’t bother you.  And if they don’t lie to you, it shouldn’t bother you either.

Let’s get you neutral to the widest extremes:

  • (Lie Extreme) Everyone you meet, everyone you know, every interaction you have, everything that’s told to you, everything you read, for the rest of your life, and forever – is a lie.
  • (Truth Extreme) Everything you hear, read, are told – is the absolute truth.

The “everyone telling me the truth – most would logically assume – is “strong” /  preferred – and – energetically not the issue.

But intuitively, “truth” – that’s where the weakness is – surprise!

The person’s ENERGY –  and the reality is – most people actually go weak to –  hearing/knowing/accepting truth.   They would rather not know – the truth – even if they verbalize:   ” I want to know (the truth)”.

They have experiences where “the truth hurts”.   It’s a cliche – often encoded in a person’s energy, but not in their awareness.

You following?   Another way of saying it, is a YUEN -ism Dr. Yuen uses

“If it bothers you… YOU did it..
– Dr. Kam Yuen, D.C.

Client:  I think so, neutral to the energy of true or not true

Practitioner:    That’s right.

Facts are stubborn things
– sometimes

So-called facts that we take as truth – are often elastic, even just opinions – even fleeting things – changing with the times.
Facts are often just:

  • the current collective “herd” consensus.   (and, a consensus belief is not the same as truth, or any reasonable measure of truth)
  • so-called “settled” beliefs (things we’ve been told (or taught) over and over and believe – are true – but that may not be truth)
    .. like happy parrots in our cage, we recite what we’ve been told – to get our cookie (validation) – that we “know” something.
  • there’s no such thing as “immediate results

For example, a “fact” one week – can be a myth the next week (proven untrue …. for now) …

Dr. Yuen once said, “there’s only one thing worse than a parrot, and that’s a BUNCH of parrots.”

Google is not a truth barometer

We need truth that applies in your specific situation at hand.    Don’t mistake so-called facts (from others, Google or otherwise)  for (your) truth – in this moment – and for you.

The stories people present, accept or acknowledge as factual – about their situation – are most often found energetically – to be not true.     How do we know we don’t have the right answer.    Because – nothing is changing.

So, the “information effect” is a huge energetic block for some people to overcome.    The solution:  Learn to getto & be neutral to information.

Client:    So, it’s the information?  Or the truth of the information?

Practitioner:  We can resonate with collective “information effect” or just a “wrong answer” energy of our own, or some other places… or the collective.

Okay.    So, if it bothered the hell out of you before –  I would ask you now. …

Do you feel the same or different about somebody lying to you?
… as you did two minutes ago, and I didn’t check you two minutes ago.

Client:  I felt a shift when the “true or not true” came up


Rather than focus on what’s true or not true.. it’s better to instead GET NEUTRAL to any information, true or not true.    This gives us the maximum choices of what to believe at any given time, but also to “let go” of that belief – in the next moment (to neutrality).. so we don’t get into some mental struggle with ourselves or with information.


The Energetic Effect of Disapproval


The Approve / Disapprove Struggle

Can our struggle with the “paired” opposites of approval/disapproval block us from intuitively finding answers
… and perpetuate our symptoms?    Well, the answer must be “yes” or this article would be very short…

If we seek approval – or another way of putting it – if others disapproval bothers us (energetically), we’ll put out that (uneven) energy and attract people that do something we disapprove of.

A good example are smokers (if you don’t smoke).   But, it could be anything – people with tattoos or those that don’t follow rules/instructions or ignore authority figures, etc.

Collective Influences

Our energies are already projected out – resonating with and unfortunately – pulling in – the collective energies of others with this same or similar bother.   And, in most cases – in the general population – the bother is unknown to the person.    This collective “amplified” energy / charge can create, attract, or persist a particular situation, pattern – or drama – in a million-fold or trillion-fold way.

That’s how something that seems minor – in an abstract or metaphorical sense – can have a major energetic effect on us.

And, this energetic – or for some … empathic resonance occurs whether we – or someone else – verbalizes the approval/disapproval, puts pen to paper, or just thinks it – consciously or unconsciously.

Our own projected energy affects others around us – too – in some cases – 5000 x more than their own energy – just due to resonance.

So, let’s DELETE any (child-like) “needing approval” aspects that may affect our ability to intuit answers for others or ourselves… and get neutral to those energies – OK – done.

Our clients don’t need
our empathy, approval or concern to get better
They just need the (right) answers
revealed from their energy

In some cases, the major resonance effect isn’t our own energy resonating in the collective.   The resonating energy carried in us could come from our ancestors, our physical surroundings (current or past), karmic energy, and/or many other places.

Approval’s Influences

The approval/disapproval duality can affect our life choices.   We may be attracted to certain people – or careers (e.g. nurse, researcher, scientist, etc) where there is information to filter through and disapprove of…   We may consciously say we don’t disapprove of this or that, but underneath, the waters are boiling… and we may not know why.

Get Neutral to both Approval Extremes

We want to be neutral to both extremes of others’ disapproval (of/in us).
If others disapprove (of us), fine, if not, fine – neutral – and of course, neutral to the opposites (approve/not approve) for a 4-way neutrality clearing.   We may be surprised at which of the 4 “go weak” – often, not what we expect.

Now, when we are neutral (to disapproval), the evenness of our energy is less likely to attract people, clients (e.g. smokers, people that make us wait, etc) that resonate with the same issue of being bothered by some issue with “approval”.

If we are truly neutral, the smoker senses neutrality (no bias – we don’t care either way if they smoke), and they may not “light up”, because there is no uneven “energy of disapproval” for them to draw against.

Their behavior changes because we’ve changed (to become more neutral).

The smoker may also realize (after 15 minutes) –  they – haven’t taken out a cigarette – when they normally would …
… had there been the “energy of disapproval” around to energize their behavior.

Truly & Truthfully Neutral

Our own (true / truthful) neutrality is the key; not just saying (in words) or  thinking (“hey, I’m neutral”)  and still unconsciously “biting our lip” or worse – suppressing  – the thing(s) that bothers us (disapproval).

We have to act – and change the energy – to a more even and neutral state.

It’s counterintuitive from a logical sense (that our own energy & biases can be a primary influence on others’ behavior), but that’s what comes up from an energy perspective.

A person’s (unspoken) disapproval (of diet, health regime) or collective disapproval – e.g of society, family or other health professionals – cumulatively creates uneven “beliefs/information” energy and could weaken us or create experiences for us… influence a client’s “numbers” in a lab test too…

How could that be?
Energetic effects (like our disapproval example) are a common experience that can occur every dayif we take notice of it with our five senses and intuition.   For example, we may simply see/watch a video or TV program or commercial – and laugh, or sense a sadness or tears welling up (trigger).   Our heart rate rises, or we feel something physically – just thinking about something, or by someone saying something to us, or we if simply overhear a conversation.

We need to acknowledge these everyday things – that are mostly non-physical, and outside us in time and space (a old movie, a magazine article, a memory) – can affect us – and give us discernible PHYSICAL reactions or sensations – including pains.

We’re not just physical beings made of a bag of chemicals, molecules and atoms.   We also have mind and spirit – the non-physical is 2/3’s of us as beings.

Once and Done?

Projected and collective energy influences – and our need to get/stay neutral to them – is a continuing process
…. it’s not a “once and done”.

No one said neutrality was easy.

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Drama! Drama? Drama?!#%



Where’s the Fire?

We often observe dramas unfolding in every corner of our lives and in the lives of others.

But, are we neutral enough to recognize a drama
as an effectand not a root cause – so we don’t get sucked in?


Drama’s Roots

Our energetic state can – and does – attract our so-called life issues, situations or stories – such as dramas.   Dramas are just the universe’s mechanism (or sometimes weird sense-of-humor) that indicates – and informs us of – an energetic weakness that affects us – that we need to resolve, strengthen – or get neutral to

But, sometimes, the drama that manifests may have loose – or no – direct association to the energetic weakness (e.g. something in our life we’ve put to the side) we need to resolve.

So, the “what to resolve” message could be hidden, layered, or muddled – unless we can step back in to our neutrality and use our clear insight.

Some examples of neutrality struggles / weaknesses that attract dramas:

  • revenge/grudges/karmas
  • (the need to) get moving (or stop moving)
  • (the need to) slow down (or speed up)

These 3 examples can illicit a large physical reaction due to cumulative effect – and may or may not come from us.

So, our best solution is to first make a wide lasso of “general” neutrality clearing to get either:
1)  the more primary effect – or
2) the widest effect or set of extremes (if there is no clear primary element)

Remember, the root cause of the drama clearing may lead us to causes outside us.   Many modalities don’t investigate outside energy influences effect on us and this is where they miss the mark.

The energy that weakens us .. could come from any-thingany-where and any-when.

When we find – and get neutral to – the real reasons, causes and sources of the drama …
…  we are more neutral and the need to <create – attract – perpetuate> a drama or dramas (to remind us) will disappear because there is no need to energize them.

That’s “Get Neutral to Dramas 101” in a nutshell.

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Want Change? – First, Get Neutral

Get Neutral?

To experience change, first, we need to get to neutral with change.

Well, sometimes, that’s easier said than done, especially if neutrality is a new concept.

So, what does it mean to get to neutral with change?

From Neutrality: A New Definition)
“Our new definition of neutrality – in an energetic sense –  is having no reaction or emotional charge on a situation or desired outcome.   Energetic indifference, if you will.”

Being neutral means having no bias,
anticipation or judgment toward wanting
the so-called positive situations or avoiding negative ones.

Get Neutral – the Extremes

So neutrality is about getting (to) even energy.   When our energy is neutral with all facets of change, our intrinsic energy sees both ends of the extremes – drastic change or no change – and all proportions (none, a little, a lot) or speed (fast, medium, slow)and points in between – as having the same energy.

Any of these (infinite) points along the spectrum of change is a choice.

Creating the (energetic) evenness of all these points or choices – is what we call neutrality or “getting to neutral”.

It can be strange to describe this to someone.

it’s usually not enough to visualize,
wish, hope, want or intend to change . . .
In order to be ready to accept and manifest real change,
we first need our energy shifted / strengthened
to support it . . .
so we are truly and truthfully neutral with changing

Intuition And Answers

We use our innate intuition – feeling for what is weak(est) – to reveal primary energetic weaknesses – to change.  By primary, we mean the one with the highest significance or effect.

And, by identifying a weakness, we strengthen it.

Strengthening makes it equally strong … with the many other things (i.e. your unchanging story) that are already “energetically” strong.

This is how we have more energy supporting change we will notice.

Evenness – of energy – created when we strengthen one or more weaknesses – allows something to change

Neutrality – The World of “No Intention”

It’s important to be neutral to any intention.

A common belief is;  if we put more intention or focus on something, it’s more likely to  change.    But, more often than not, this strategy creates more energetic support to do exactly the opposite and prevents/blocks things from changing.

Either your energy supports your wants, needs, or desires,
or it doesn’t
Most cannot accept this way of looking at energy

This is where strengthening and neutrality and “no intention” comes in – to manifest change.

Now, we don’t really know WHAT is going to change when we strengthen a weakness.

In this work, there is no intention or goal
to get rid of a symptom.
we simply find an energetic weakness
that’s primary – and strengthen it – and then . . .

When we are neutral, we have no intention, anticipation or expectation for outcome(s).

We just know when we strengthen what’s (energetically) weak, something will change.  We don’t know what will change, but we know something will change.

it’s not complicated.
find and strengthen energetic weaknesses –
that’s the whole method in a nutshell.

Energetic Blocks to Change – Complexity/Seriousness

In our western culture, there is a common belief – complexity is where all the answers reside.

So, we’re programmed to look or reach for – or even embrace:

  • complexity over simplicity
  • serious over funny/ironic
  • mystical or magical over pragmatic / real
  • miracles (one-in-a-million) over commonness

There is nothing complex, serious, mystical or miraculous about looking at energy this way – of processing information differently – like a computer would.

Without this knowledge or insight, we end up with a 3-fold problem:

Our non-neutral energy can:

(1) .. block insight
If our beliefs and energy – expects and/or prefers seriousness or complexity, our energy will push away or block the simple, overlooked, hidden-in-plain-sight (and sometimes funny) answers that may resolve most or all of our situation..

(2) .. attract situations
By “attract situations”,  we mean something (seemingly) complex or one-in-a-million will happen to us – or continue to happen to us – because our energetic state supports it (we’re not neutral).

Instead of getting what we say we want (no symptoms, etc).,. we get the truthfully ironic “Law of Attraction” situation – and (energetically) attract experiences and things that bother – or weaken – us.

So, maybe we suddenly have a one-in-a-million allergy to toothpaste ingredients or have symptoms of what conventional thinkers would say is a complex condition, etc.

(3) .. make a situation harder or impossible to resolve
When we focus on the wrong answer(s), nothing changes ..   That’s a basic principle.   We have to use our insight to find the right answers and throw away all the stories (wrong answers).

Simplicity of Change – Get Neutral

So, keep it simple.

First, we need to put aside our mind and mental thinking.   We don’t want the mind to push us into complexity traps and thinking – that don’t resolve anything.    We want to have less – or zero – mind influence, so park mindfulness at the curb.

Next, with no particular intention – in our neutral state – use intuition to find the real answers in our energy.

Lastly, get neutral to the thing(s) identified – the things that truly bother us – and energetically strengthen them.

When we’re strongly neutral, our even energy can support manifesting – immediate change – something “different” in the next moment – improving us and others around us.

Changing the situation – in the next moment – is simpler than you think.

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Are Resolutions Useful?

resolutionsAre Resolutions Useful?


New Years – or any other resolutions – can be a sticking point for many.  It’s better to be neutral – and above the kind of (absolute) polarities resolutions create.

For many, a resolution is like a vow.   Forcing ourselves to have resolutions is an attempt to manufacture energy or momentum to do something – from drama – something we may unconsciously do – in many situations.

Ultimately, this is not a good pattern.

Once A Year

A New Years resolution is a way of accumulating and pushing our wants, needs and desires into the future.   This “gunny-sacking” of our issues –  to deal with them just once a year – blocks our insight and ability to uncover the right answer in this moment.

Resolutions often program us to be more stuck, hesitate more, and hold on to old patterns more often and longer.

Then, we get disappointed or discouraged when our anticipations/expectations are not met.

Language Bites

Resolution.    The word “resolution” itself is culturally loaded with confusion and polarity.

“resolution” is often defined – broadly –
as both “intention to start”
and “finishing” (resolving)
how messed up is that?

Resolutions Are Obligations

When we feel into it, the “resolution” thought or experience often connects with obligation energy.

We can believe or think this energy is coming from us, but strangely it’s often the energy from others to us... and that misinterpretation – can make us react / avoid / hesitate.   Our energy simply doesn’t support taking action to manifest what we say we want.

The Neutral Choice

Instead of struggling with resolutions and obligations, we can have resolve from a neutral place – with our choice to do or not do something – coming from our true self – without the need to create or attract drama.

Let’s all be New Years (and any other time) Neutral to Resolutions!

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The Paradox of Positive Thinking

positive neutral

“Over 85% of most people’s thoughts are negative”

I saw this quote in a LinkedIn article and energetically examined what it might mean in neutrality work.

The statement above – or similar ones – are often quoted in techniques that posit we need to deprogram negativities and “be more positive”.

Positivity and the Energetic “Sniff” test

When we feel into it;  the “85%” statement could be accurate for a few people, but it may not pass the energetic “sniff” test in terms of actual effect for many, perhaps most people that worry about – or worse – are told they should worry about – negative thoughts.

Simply HAVING a negative thought or thoughts – at times
doesn’t necessarily mean
it affects OUR energy in a detrimental way (or at all)

For many, negative thoughts

  • don’t affect our energy – or create any energetic weaknesses
    … and
  • are often NOT the source of our life issues or problems  

…. even though we think or believe the negative is the problem...    What does that mean?

Logic Fails Us – Again

We assume – through our own logic or collective consensus beliefs or opinion – that negative things – affect our energy and situation more.

But, rather than assume or make educated guesses, it’s better to check the energy and measure or gauge what’s really affecting us – energetically – or even mentally or physically.   We need to intuitively find the answers enfolded inside us – in our energy – instead of judging or assuming a totally logical (but wrong => “negatives are bad”) story we think is the issue.

For example, if our energy indicates we’re neutral with negative thoughts – (we call it “strong to”, “neutral to”) – as many people are, then that statement “Over 85%…thoughts are negative” – doesn’t have any meaning in our situation – except to polarize our energy and focus us on what we may ALREADY BE NEUTRAL TO (negative).

Focussing on something that’s resolved – that we’re already neutral to and isn’t the problem –  keeps the situation from changing – and is the very definition of stuck

So, What’s The Real Story?

Very often – our judgment of – and biases about – negative thoughts – or the concern or focus on them – can affect us in many ways – but not in the ways we would logically think.     I’ve listed just two common examples below.


What might weaken our energy – the real story – are positive thoughts or concepts.  It feels or seems like the negative thought is DRIVING the reaction, but in many cases, energetically – it’s NOT.

Often, this reaction we sense can be caused by the rebound energy used to suppress allowing the positive.

Why would a positive thought be detrimental?   This goes against all the current conventional and alternative theories…

The conventional assumption or theory is that the positive
(joy, love, laughing, positive expectations, etc)
could never be the real issue creating our symptoms. 

It’s hard to imagine, but many of us are programmed (energetically) by a sort of “scarcity mentality” to ACCEPT the negative without question and anticipate only short glimpses of the positive – before things get worse again, and we get discouraged, disappointed,  disillusioned or demoralized –  for long periods.

It’s often the anticipation, the expectation of something positive happening that could immediately trigger “something could go wrong” or “something always goes wrong” (eventually)…   So, we hesitate, resonate with – and perpetuate, attract or create experiences of – “good things don’t last”… or “when’s that shoe gonna drop”…

Get Neutral to:    Positive anticipation.   Even out positive with negative so our energy can equally – and evenly – support  positive things occurring and continuing – for longer periods.   When we’re even and neutral with any outcome, this neutralizes the effect of attracting polarizing experiences in our lives.


Our energy can attract, create or perpetuate dramas as a constant reminder to keep triggering us.

What?  Positive experiences and thoughts could be a problem?    That doesn’t make sense… hmm, or does it?

Our own experiences or the energy or experiences from others could energetically weaken us to a so-called a positive outcome.

For instance, this energy could attract happy people and we would be annoyed with them… and we may blame our reaction on circumstance or our current relationship or maybe our job.

Assumptions like – “negative thinking is the problem” …
may not be the real issue that weakens our energy.
If we believe our old “story” is the real problem,
we most likely just strengthen our stuck state – and nothing changes.   

In this case, our energy is strong / neutral with negatives and weak(er) to positives.   So, we may unconsciously push away the positives – because they weaken our energy.   But, it’s this very unevenness that attracts these (weakening) positive experiences and create the stress and dramas for us.

Get Neutral to:    The possibility of negatives ending, and strengthen accepting evenness of energy among the infinite possibilities between the positive and negative – and to prefer neither – so something new can manifest.

So, Make No Assumptions

Always check the energy of the situation – and make no snap judgments or assumptions.    Connecting with the real answers shifts us out of our predicament and gets us to neutral – so we can experience both positive and negative – evenly – with no energetic charge or bias that attracts or creates symptoms and dramas in our lives.

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Getting Neutral To “My List”

lists biases life issues
Biases – What’s on your List?

Biases are things we may unconsciously keep on our internal radar screen.

Unfortunately, biases  also limit our life choices by energizing or attracting just one or two possibilities.

That’s where many of us get stuck in our life issues, story or symptoms.

Neutrality or the acceptance of evenness – is a better option.

Working on Our Stuff

It’s common that we (logically) think we don’t have biases, that we’re not stuck – just “working on our stuff”... or that somehow serious, lingering, or one-after-the-other “challenges” are expected or even (unconsciously) welcomed as part of life…

This is a familiar pattern for many.

Whose Rules are They?

The need to have serious challenges “life has challenges” (or the driving unconscious thought – “life needs to be difficult”) – doesn’t really compute.    It’s just an old, well-worn story or idiom we learn, repeat, internalize and overuse – and of dubious origin.

The thought that life needs to be a struggle, a challenge – actually projects out that energy – and attracts and manifests – more experiences of life challenges and struggle.

The Invisible List

For some, the energy of our life issues or challenges are like a score or invisible list we think we need to keep – as if continually maintaining a list – and crossing things off this imaginary list – somehow gives us a more fulfilling life.

the “need for challenges” means:
always gotta have something
on the list .  .  .
because that’s the rule .  .  .

Let’s just delete those “need for challenges” or “need to keep a list” conscious or unconscious thoughts from our presence and also wherever they came from – and get neutral to “zero” (no challenges) and the empty list (or no list) – Poof!

Wouldn’t we at least want the empty list as an equal and neutral possibility?

The only real “challenge” – if we want something to change – is to widen our field of possibilities by getting neutral.   When we’re neutral, the energy of more things is even – so more things are possible.

When we find the real answer(s) to strengthen and change our situation – our lists and our old stories can be thrown in the trash can – where they belong.    It takes just 1 second.

And,  remember – don’t go back and pick through the trash.

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The Session: The Shallows of Neutrality

neutralityBeware the Shallows of Neutrality


When we become more neutral, fewer situations trigger us, cause us to react or give us symptoms.

In neutrality work, we often look at opposite extremes.

The extremes map out the path of experiences or thoughts we may need to get neutral to, so we are more calm and react less to things in our life.


At first, it’s easy to define a superficial or narrow range of opposite experiences or thoughts to get neutral to – and think “I’m done”.

This is a common trap – staying too shallow in the waters of neutrality.

When we are narrow or shallow in our neutrality, we may only be neutral to 1000 experiences, thoughts or situations.    This is clearly a decent improvement from being stuck in one experience or issue, but we can miss just enough that the original “bother” gets a short rest, but resurfaces with a fury later on.

Going deeper at the extremes, we expand our net – finding more scenarios and get a wider neutrality clearing.

the real power of getting neutral involves
painting the widest set of extremes we can imagine
(and even some we can barely imagine)
and making them all energetically even

So, we can get truly neutral and eliminate reactions when we:

  • find the right button(s) with our insight
  • define a wide enough set of extremes to cover more things that may cause us to react
  • make the energy even, so all those experiences, thoughts, situations have the same energetic “charge”
    (when everything is even, something can change)

Have we gone far enough?

If we think we’re neutral (enough), but still sense a reaction, we’re not done . . .
there is something left, something deeper to get neutral to

Looking deeper, we can uncover a different, but related thread or root that is perpetuating the reaction..  Sometimes, it’s not just one (hidden) button, but several or an entire dashboard of buttons!

The Session  –  Leaving The Shallows For Deeper Water

We will now describe a more concrete example of shallow or narrow neutrality and how going deeper uncovers a more significant or core issue that leads to a larger energetic shift or change.

Let’s examine a session – where a person begins stating a concern like: “I worry about my health”.


Interviewer:   So, what bothers you about your health?

Person:  I have this fear of dying from a severe health problem…
Interviewer:  OK, let’s feel into that a bit.   When we check your energy, health is not the #1 issue – it’s actually (intuit/insight)  number … 9, so there are 8 other things that have more an effect than health on you.   Let’s see – and dying does not energetically weaken you.   I mean, logically, we can understand what it means, but energetically – your energy is pretty strong and neutral with the thought of it.

So, all this means is – what you mentioned (i.e. health, dying)  – are not the real issue(s) bothering you.

Aside:   Many people that do neutrality work – paint the dying scenario as the real issue, biggest bother or farthest extreme.   But, often this scenario doesn’t check out energetically… which means we’ve missed the mark – or – we’re still too shallow or narrow in our neutrality.

So, your energy seems to indicate there’s something more.    Can you think of something deeper or maybe more extreme than the thought of dying?

Person: I don’t know
Interviewer:  (prompting) Hmmm.  Well, what about leaving your family?   That seems energeticallyweaker” – for you – than the thought of dying…. so let’s go there first…  Let’s say, regardless of the reason, you’re forced to leave your family…

Person: OK, and I’m homeless
Interviewer:   Good, that’s energetically weaker than just ‘leaving’ when I make the comparison… it’s more extreme.
So, what would bother you about being homeless?

Person:  Well, I don’t have anything…
Interviewer:   So, having nothing bothers you   But, let’s see (insight) – well, that’s not entirely true.
You do have your clothes… and a few cardboard boxes you live in – and maybe a rusty shopping cart…

Person:  Very funny, OK, I do have some things.
Interviewer:   But, what if someone steals the few things you do have?   That’s even worse – and energetically weaker…  and that’s more like losing everything, right?

So, let’s summarize the stories we followed in your energy.    We found something energetically weaker for you than health problems, weaker than dying, weaker than homeless…

losing everything

Interviewer:  (continuing)   So, let’s assume you lose everything – and remember, energetically, for you, we found this weaker than dying and all the other things mentioned so far.

Now, what would bother you about losing everything?

Person: I guess if I lost everything,  I wouldn’t know what to do.

Interviewer:   OK, so, let’s say … there would be a need to …  (insight) …  depend on others.   And your energy dips when I examine that whole experience for you…  So, really, you dislike being dependent on others…

Person:   Yes, I really don’t prefer to depend on others… for my whole life..

Interviewer:    So, let’s summarize.   We found 2 things “energetically” weaker/worse than homeless… “losing everything” – but the weakest for you is:


Let’s say “dependency” weakens your energy most… and there are two sides to that – and (insight) … hmmm…  let’s not say yet what side of the extremes of dependency is the main effect …

Person:   Dependent and stuck there…
Interviewer:   .. And being completely and totally dependent on others – for the rest of your life.

Person:   It’s a good thing I don’t have kids
Interviewer: OK, that was weaker.   So, something more extreme … you’re dependent for the rest of your life.   And, you also have people depending – on you … and even more extreme energeticallydependents that you can’t provide for.

Person:   Wow, I felt that…

Interviewer:  So, the thought of dependency is a real bother for you…
OK, (intuit/insight) – let’s just say that’s part of it – but it’s not what you think 

The Session – Almost There

A person came in with a stated worry about their health.   Initially, we followed the story in their energy – and got generally neutral to the homeless scenario  –  but, as we progressed, there were other things even more to the extreme…

  • I leave my family... (leaving)… then
  • lose everything, then
  • dependency – but really..
  • being dependent, when others dependent on me

There are often deeper layers of things to get neutral to.

Now, let’s paint the two extremes and travel from the shallows of neutrality to the deeper waters that will create the largest energetic shift …

are we there yet?
well, not quite . . .

Time to Get Neutral – and be Surprised

Person:  OK, where do we go next?
 So, the next step is to get you neutral to the extremes of “dependency” – painting the widest extremes.

Here are the two extremes:
First extreme.   Let’s get you neutral to forever being dependent  …
Well, you’re actually already strongly neutral to that ...

Person:   What?

Interviewer:   Second and opposite extreme… Let’s get you neutral to being independent..  as a matter of fact COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT!!     

That’s the extreme where the weakness is!!

So, the one extreme you most need to get neutral to is INDEPENDENCE.    That’s not what you expected – was it?

Person:   That was a strange shift I just felt..


Interviewer:  OK, let’s go back to your original assertion…
Now, when you think about your health… do you feel the same or different?

Person:    I feel very different, it’s kind of blank now.

Interviewer:   It not that significant anymore, right?   That’s an improvement – you’ve changed in just a few minutes.

When we have unresolved bothers, our energy is more likely to attract situations, experiences, etc., that cause us to react.

We want more and more of these bothers to have less – or ideally zero – significance in our lives…

When we find the core / real issue by checking the energy – and get more neutral, we can immediately shift and change in the next moment.


We started with a stated health concern.   Since we made no assumptions, and were neutral:

  • we were able to work through and find dependency was energetically weakest and a major part of the issue.
  • we found while painting the two extremes, being COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT is what weakened the person’s energy the most.

In this example, the real issue wasn’t about health – and dependency was only part of it, but being independent is what we needed to get most neutral to…

Why?   Because for many, being independent means all choices are our own – and having too many choices  (and being totally responsible for them)… weakens the energy of some people… and…

… affects us energetically – more – than – dependency – and either:

  • having no choices or
  • having others choosing for us.

There can be other directions and threads to pull at with neutrality.  This is just a simple example – every person and situation is different.

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Intention: The Answer, Or The Problem?

brickwallThe Intention(al) Bias

Some self-help books and energetic modalities have latched on to – and emphasize – intention as a key component.    They speak of “the power of intention” or positive affirmations as a preferred way of thinking or in their preparation or work with clients.

Some have asked “is there a role for intention in neutrality?”

It would wrap up this article in a word if I could say “yes” – but this is not the case.


when we check energ
we find intention is just another bias/block
to our neutrality

If a person or maybe a group (millions) harbors a belief or bias about something – judged good/bad – they unconsciously project that energy out – cumulatively adding with others with similar beliefs, etc., and this energy can affect all of us.

This energy enters the collective whether or not they put pen to paper, tell someone verbally or publish a book.. and it causes others with the same beliefs to also resonate and “pick up” this larger effect.    And, resonating with some large effect is often a source and/or root cause of our symptoms – or of reinforcing the ‘no change’ state.

Being neutral about intention (we would call it bias or expectation) and to the energy of information (in general) is a better place to be.

Positive or Negative are Still Polarities

The paradox is;  it doesn’t matter if the words, descriptions or information is presented/thought of/believed to be good (do this) or bad (avoid this).

Without neutrality, if there exists a specific intent (polarity), preference or bias – said or unsaid, our energy – and the energy of others – is affected by the projected / transmitted / resonating energetic imprint.

And, these biases that create unevenness in our energy – can attract &  manifest new symptoms or perpetuate ones we already have.   So, get neutral to the judgment and polarities associated with intention.     

Get Neutral – Change YOUR Energy FIRST

When we have a preference, bias or polarity – we are choosing “positive or negative“, “for or against” or “want or don’t want” thinking.    The more polarized our thinking or preference of specific outcome, the more we block any new possibility to manifest – and we will struggle.

Key Points of Neutrality to Intention

  • Our underlying energy state predetermines our future and what can manifest, not our conscious thinking.
  • Attraction “mind games”  that attempt to trick or change an outcome just by intention – by outthinking the situation or clever word-games or side-stepping exercises – don’t work.
    (we’re not NEUTRAL when we lie to ourselves  “I.really don’t have a preference”  – when we clearly do)

Attraction (or intention) devotees miss the mark; we want to attract EVERYTHING with equal preference (true neutrality) – and this gives us the best chance of attracting a particular or specific manifestation (out of countless ones) we used to be focussed on with our intent.

The “attraction” movement misleads us into the thinking;  if we want “the one (thing)” – then we should focus on “the one (thing)”.
This sure makes logical sense, but it doesn’t work.   Or it worked ONCEinconsistently. for one person 2 years ago.   Wouldn’t we want something more consistent?

Methods that don’t focus – first and foremost – on an individual person’s energy – or energetic state – will always have inconsistency.

It’s counter-intuitive, but unfocussing and being equally satisfied and widening our acceptance of MORE possibilities – actually supplies more energetic support – and increases our odds (but doesn’t guarantee) the manifestation of “the one”.

Choosing is Losing

Without neutrality, there will be uneven energetic bias – so, as soon as we intend, desire or prefer a specific outcome – in a biased state, there will be struggle – and likely no change.

Neutrality is the “No Intention” state where change lives – when we’re open to the equal and even energy of infinite possibilities.

Try it.

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