Neutrality – A New Definition

pattern03Merriam-Webster defines neutrality as “not supporting any side or position” in a more philosophical, political or even physical sense.   Some may define neutral as being uncommitted,  disinterest, apathy or inaction.

Our new definition of neutrality – in an energetic sense –  is having no reaction or emotional charge on a situation or desired outcome.   Energetic indifference, if you will.

Being neutral means having no bias, anticipation or judgment toward wanting the so-called positive situations or avoiding negative ones.

Neutrality means:
we don’t focus
solely on the positive
and that’s a tough one to swallow for most people

Neutral is an energy state where every possible outcome in a situation has equal energetic “charge”.

being neutral is akin to being the neutron of an atom

Neutrality’s goal is evenness.   So, rather than disinterest, a neutral person is actually interested in experiencing ALL possible situations – equally – with equal “charge” so to speak.

Neutrality simply widens the playing field of possibilities – increasing our chances of experiencing a different outcome.

How neutrality improves our life condition

When we’re not neutral, our reactions to situations around us can give us physical symptoms.   We may then blame our reaction on our circumstances, job, financial situation or something else.

When we are neutral, we can:

  • Eliminate stresses caused by our reactions, fears and energy from others
  • Identify and neutralize our triggers and reactions to thoughts and experiences
  • Improve relationships, finances, career or purpose, aging worries
  • Eliminate pains and discomfort and increase our physical potential
  • Eliminate stress and symptoms caused by our bothers
  • Cope with both positive and negative without being drawn to one or avoiding the other

It’s paradoxical, but new possibilities manifest when all possibilities are even with each other.  That’s true neutrality with no judgment.

New patterns – imagined and sometimes unimaginable can manifest.

So, How Can Neutrality Help Me?

It sounds so simple.   When we’re consciously – or unconsciously – bothered by something or react in certain situations or with certain people – we’re not neutral in that situation – and the reaction we sense can create symptoms.

That’s why we want to get to a neutral place.

We get to a neutral place by knowing exactly what weakens us energetically.  This neutralizes/ eliminates the reaction.

Check The Energy – Find the Real Bother

In a simple process, we simply check the energy to find out what the real bother is… so it can be neutralized – and we no longer react – like the neutron in the nucleus of an atom.     Many are not aware of how to sense when our energetic field “goes weak” or when it’s being negatively affected.

Uncovering the real or right answer can be a surprise.  Frequently, the answer is not what we first thought or believed.

When we can’t sense or determine what energetically weakens us, we can make incorrect assumptions and consciously focus on the wrong thing.   Focusing on the wrong answer adds even more energy to the thing that bothers us – and just manifests more of the same.

The “Law of Attraction” does apply – well – sort of.

When we’re not neutral,
our energy attracts what bothers us
– instead of what we desire

This means positive affirmations or consciously focusing on what we think we want to attract – doesn’t give us what we want – if we’re not neutral.

Neutrality provides the energetic support
that attracts what we say we want

The Neutral Choice

Many would say “for some things in life, it just doesn’t seem right to be neutral.”   And, as human beings, we simply can’t always be neutral in every situation.   We just do our best.

Choosing neutrality – instead of a biased or reacting state – puts us in a better state of calm and clarity in any situation.  Our neutrality actually helps those around us because we project out an even energy instead of a reacting energy.

In this neutral state, we are more likely to attract and achieve the wants, needs or desires of ourselves or others.

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