Neutrality – And Reaching Our Infinite Potential

pattern03Limitless” is a 2011 action movie starring Robert DeNiro and Bradley Cooper. The main character (played by Cooper) has a great line in the movie:

“How many of us ever know what it is to become the perfect version of ourselves?”

Some, maybe most people can’t imagine being the best version of themselves – without limits.

Limitless means reaching or realizing your full or infinite potential.

OK, how do you get to that state?

Simply said, you reach that potential by releasing the hold or charge on the situation you want to change.

When there is (truly) no particular charge on a situation, and no need for a specific outcome, that’s when limits are lifted and more outcomes can manifest from the set of infinite possibilities.

Let’s take a concrete example

Fear of failure
It motivates some people to do extraordinary things.   But, for some, it energetically weakens and limits them so much that burnout can result.

When we check the energy intuitively, for many, success is where the weaker energy isan opposite – because the person is not neutral – and many times stronger – energetically – with failure.


So, the real energetic weakness is the opposite of what they consciously believe.

The more this person focuses on success, the more they internally feel how it weakens them.     So, they prefer or choose failure unconsciously because that’s where their energy is strongest (neutral), and that’s what manifests.

Getting to Neutral

Until we reach a neutral energy state, we can continue to attract failure in this scenario due to this energetic unevenness.

When you’re neutral to success – and the success /failure equation of possibilities has the same charge, that’s when your energy can support your goals instead of work against you.

What keeps us from our potential

Our own thoughts, experiences and the thoughts and experiences of others (and our acceptance of that reality) can limit us and is often be a huge block for change.

Think of the charged words or phrases we often use:

wantingwishing, hoping, desiring, anticipating, expecting, believing, have faith, visualizing, having passion, intention

Often, it is our own energetic  weakness or reaction to one or more of these concepts that keep us stuck in our current experience of  “nothing’s changing“.

The neutral state of  equal charge or even energy – for all outcomes – means more possible outcomes can manifest – instead of just one or two.  The neutral energy state is truly a state of living life with no limits.