Want Change? – First, Get Neutral

Get Neutral?

To experience change, first, we need to get to neutral with change.

Well, sometimes, that’s easier said than done, especially if neutrality is a new concept.

So, what does it mean to get to neutral with change?

From Neutrality: A New Definition)
“Our new definition of neutrality – in an energetic sense –  is having no reaction or emotional charge on a situation or desired outcome.   Energetic indifference, if you will.”

Being neutral means having no bias,
anticipation or judgment toward wanting
the so-called positive situations or avoiding negative ones.

Get Neutral – the Extremes

So neutrality is about getting (to) even energy.   When our energy is neutral with all facets of change, our intrinsic energy sees both ends of the extremes – drastic change or no change – and all proportions (none, a little, a lot) or speed (fast, medium, slow)and points in between – as having the same energy.

Any of these (infinite) points along the spectrum of change is a choice.

Creating the (energetic) evenness of all these points or choices – is what we call neutrality or “getting to neutral”.

It can be strange to describe this to someone.

it’s usually not enough to visualize,
wish, hope, want or intend to change . . .
In order to be ready to accept and manifest real change,
we first need our energy shifted / strengthened
to support it . . .
so we are truly and truthfully neutral with changing

Intuition And Answers

We use our innate intuition – feeling for what is weak(est) – to reveal primary energetic weaknesses – to change.  By primary, we mean the one with the highest significance or effect.

And, by identifying a weakness, we strengthen it.

Strengthening makes it equally strong … with the many other things (i.e. your unchanging story) that are already “energetically” strong.

This is how we have more energy supporting change we will notice.

Evenness – of energy – created when we strengthen one or more weaknesses – allows something to change

Neutrality – The World of “No Intention”

It’s important to be neutral to any intention.

A common belief is;  if we put more intention or focus on something, it’s more likely to  change.    But, more often than not, this strategy creates more energetic support to do exactly the opposite and prevents/blocks things from changing.

Either your energy supports your wants, needs, or desires,
or it doesn’t
Most cannot accept this way of looking at energy

This is where strengthening and neutrality and “no intention” comes in – to manifest change.

Now, we don’t really know WHAT is going to change when we strengthen a weakness.

In this work, there is no intention or goal
to get rid of a symptom.
we simply find an energetic weakness
that’s primary – and strengthen it – and then . . .

When we are neutral, we have no intention, anticipation or expectation for outcome(s).

We just know when we strengthen what’s (energetically) weak, something will change.  We don’t know what will change, but we know something will change.

it’s not complicated.
find and strengthen energetic weaknesses –
that’s the whole method in a nutshell.

Energetic Blocks to Change – Complexity/Seriousness

In our western culture, there is a common belief – complexity is where all the answers reside.

So, we’re programmed to look or reach for – or even embrace:

  • complexity over simplicity
  • serious over funny/ironic
  • mystical or magical over pragmatic / real
  • miracles (one-in-a-million) over commonness

There is nothing complex, serious, mystical or miraculous about looking at energy this way – of processing information differently – like a computer would.

Without this knowledge or insight, we end up with a 3-fold problem:

Our non-neutral energy can:

(1) .. block insight
If our beliefs and energy – expects and/or prefers seriousness or complexity, our energy will push away or block the simple, overlooked, hidden-in-plain-sight (and sometimes funny) answers that may resolve most or all of our situation..

(2) .. attract situations
By “attract situations”,  we mean something (seemingly) complex or one-in-a-million will happen to us – or continue to happen to us – because our energetic state supports it (we’re not neutral).

Instead of getting what we say we want (no symptoms, etc).,. we get the truthfully ironic “Law of Attraction” situation – and (energetically) attract experiences and things that bother – or weaken – us.

So, maybe we suddenly have a one-in-a-million allergy to toothpaste ingredients or have symptoms of what conventional thinkers would say is a complex condition, etc.

(3) .. make a situation harder or impossible to resolve
When we focus on the wrong answer(s), nothing changes ..   That’s a basic principle.   We have to use our insight to find the right answers and throw away all the stories (wrong answers).

Simplicity of Change – Get Neutral

So, keep it simple.

First, we need to put aside our mind and mental thinking.   We don’t want the mind to push us into complexity traps and thinking – that don’t resolve anything.    We want to have less – or zero – mind influence, so park mindfulness at the curb.

Next, with no particular intention – in our neutral state – use intuition to find the real answers in our energy.

Lastly, get neutral to the thing(s) identified – the things that truly bother us – and energetically strengthen them.

When we’re strongly neutral, our even energy can support manifesting – immediate change – something “different” in the next moment – improving us and others around us.

Changing the situation – in the next moment – is simpler than you think.

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