Stress – When Knowing Is Painful

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There is much discussed and written about stress in conventional and complementary / alternative health circles – from “What Causes Stress?” to “Relieve Your Stress by Doing <X>”.

Most likely some of the advice could work for a narrow group of people.   We consider it some kind of miracle if it works for even a few people.

How strange are we to think this is the best we can do to resolve our problems.

If we truly knew the causes of our reaction(s), they would release on-the-spot.
In many cases, the confusion of not knowing creates the reaction we label stress.

Stress is Too Generic and Unspecific

Stress as a general term – is pretty ambiguous and generic and the definition varies from person to person.   10 people will give you 10 definitions of what stress means.

And therein lies the problem.

We take a term like “stress” that could describe just about everything and anything.   Then, people read, think, talk, write and worry about it and also redefine it hundreds if not thousands of times.   The overload and cumulative “energetic” effect of the ambiguity – from our own and others’ experiences – can create confusion – (energetically) blocking a person from uncovering what REALLY bothers them.

Our acceptance of information about stress – that doesn’t apply to our situation – just compounds the problem – cumulatively.

Also, because stress is unspecific and general, the term itself can trigger other non-specific things in our life that bother us (thousands, millions, trillions effect)  and create a huge reaction.

Basically, if there is STILL a reaction, then we don’t have the right answer

What to do?   Check our own energy

The answers are enfolded in our own energy.   Reading more research and books isn’t useful since most of the answers probably don’t apply to us.   The shotgun or needle-in-a-haystack approach searching for answers is used all too often with spotty or no results.

Instead, read your OWN book (energy) and get the answer(s) specific to you.

The Burdens of Not Knowing (and Knowing)

In this (too much) information age, the mental bother of not knowing what’s going on (i.e. confusion) – or not knowing exactly what’s bothering us – triggers a (cumulative, sometimes infinite) reaction, and we label this reaction as stress.

If we have experiences of “don’t know what’s going on” – and it affects/weakens us, it’s easier to just delete and get neutral to them – and the cumulative energetic effect of them on us.   A person may also connect with others that collectively are weakened by not knowing – and that effect adds to –  and can be a primary weakening effect on their own energy.

Deletion of these cumulative effects and neutrality is a better option to get on-the-spot results rather than focusing on any term such as stress or anxiety that for most just creates more confusion and doesn’t resolve anything.

Do We Really Want To Know?

For many (checking the energy), knowing is a tremendous energetic block/weakness.

For these particular people, if they really KNOW/KNEW (the real problem, the origins of the universe, what people really thought of them, etc), it would bother them more than NOT knowing.   So, they unconsciously choose to not know – and this just adds (cumulatively) to the “don’t know what’s going on” energy they label as stress – and perpetuates the situation.

Also, the uneven energy may continue to manifest or attract more confusion experiences to remind them this is what needs to be resolved.

Delete What Bothers Us

To rid ourselves of our sensations, first profile the major effect(s).

  • Is it from inside us, or outside?  Which is most significant?
  • If outside effect is biggest
    • delete the collective influence & cumulative effect from outside, including psychic effects on us
  • then, [DELETE]  all the prior “not knowing” experiences (generally) and cumulative effects.

Then, we strengthen our neutrality to being at ease or neutral withnot knowing what’s going on” – and also “knowing” what’s going on – so they’re even with each other.

When “knowing” doesn’t matter either way, there is no so-called “stress”, because we’re unblocked and able to get our own answers.

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