Stop Spinning Your Wheels – and Start Revving … in Neutral

stuck-in-sandRevving…. in Neutral?

Being satisfied or content – neutral – with any outcome  …

… actually bothers some of us.

We may believe the idea or concept of being content or satisfied means “going nowhere” and this can trigger our negative thoughts or limiting experiences of being stuck.    



Neutral, to many of us seems like stuck.      
But, being neutral isn’t stuck – neutral means being open and OK with any possibility, option or choice available to us – with equal energy/emphasis.

In this modern day and age,
it’s not enough to be satisfied or content

Getting to neutral
means getting the “we can never be satisfied or content” mentality out of the way, completely deleted.  When we have this “clean slate” so-to-speak – and when the energy is more evened out – without bias – paradoxically, that’s when things can – and often do – change – on-the-spot.

The Losing “Trap”

But, when we are removing or deleting something, there’s a trap;  some of us don’t like losing things – especially things we judge are “good”. (relationships, money, time).

Unfortunately, our non-conscious self doesn’t judge or distinguish between “good” or “bad” when it comes to “losing”.    So, if “losing” (something good) bothers you, it will be harder – and we will struggle with – losing something bad – like a reaction, bother or symptom.    This “holding on” (to avoid the losing experience) is what can keep us stuck in our symptom state.

There are other terms we use related to losing:   “Go away”, “Disappear”, “Taken away”, “Gone”, “Deleted”.

When we are not neutral to these concepts, we’re more likely to remain stuck in our pain or symptom state.

We have (more) choices?

Some conventional and alternative methods say “focus on the positive” as a choice.    Unfortunately, many of us are already “programmed” by our experiences to choose or focus our energy on the positive, or perhaps ignore or avoid the negative, yet we still struggle.

So, where do we go next?

There is a another choice – above and stronger than the polarities of positive and negative – one we may not have thought about – neutrality.    

Neutral is where all choices have equal energy and there is no bias or preference for one over the other.   By having all choices available to us as equal, rather than being “bothered” to prefer or avoid a polarity (“good”/”bad”, “positive/negative”, etc), new outcomes can manifest in the next moment so we’re no longer stuck.

Neutrality is the best path to change
in the next moment

So, what does this “neutrality” or being neutral mean?

WHEN WE’RE NEUTRAL, we realize the power is in this state of being satisfied with any outcome,  with no struggle, need to fight, suffer, hurt or punish ourselves (or others). 

And being satisfied is not about being “in the moment” or “always thinking positive” or having positive visualizations.    Those seemingly positive choices often trigger a (larger) negative reaction to our prior experiences of avoiding things or covering up something negative.

WHEN WE’RE NEUTRAL, we’re motivated by our true self, not by what bothers us.   Many of us don’t consciously realize when our motivation is based on a “bother”.    For example, think of something that you’re motivated to do or passionate about.

Now, ask yourself, truthfully.    Am I motivated because of an innate and contented sense of purpose?   Or, does this purpose require pushing a hidden button or bother (fear of something, imprint “should do” or “must do” from childhood, etc) to generate enough energy to do it?

WHEN WE’RE NEUTRAL, we don’t have to focus all our energy “in the moment”.    By having no charge, judgment or fear of any aspect of time (past, present or future),  there is nothing to weaken our energy.     That’s how we can neutralize the triggers of negative expectations of the future.

How many of us use cliches like:

  •  “when’s that shoe gonna drop?”   (anticipating / assuming things always get worse)
  •  “(good) luck runs out”    (scarcity of “good”things, only so much to go around/poverty-stricken mentality)
  • bad things always happen after something good happens (unconscious beliefs that someone keeps score)

Can you see how our unconscious energy creates these self-limiting choices and manifestations?     The fact is, good things can happen after bad – and – good things can also happen after previous good things.

By being neutral and having no charge on a situation –  all possible choices have even energy – and there is energetic support for the so-called “good” thing to manifest and continue to manifest.

WHEN WE’RE NEUTRAL, we don’t consciously or unconsciously use any false coping tools like denial or suppressing things that bother us.  Sometimes, this coping can extend to limiting others too.

WHEN WE’RE NEUTRALany choice is a good choice, because there is equal  charge for any and all possible experiences, outcomes or consequences – good or bad.    Neutrality gives us our “best” moments of manifestation.   And even if we get “best” (or worst), we’re not judging it because we’re neutral to both best and worst – and everything in between – so it’s just another experience. (Eh, so what?)

WHEN WE’RE NEUTRAL, people and situations change around us.   Our neutral energy no longer attracts, manifests or perpetuates our worst case scenario.    In fact, we may find people who normally trigger us seem to un-consciously “pull in their claws” ‐ and they don’t even know why.

WHEN WE’RE NEUTRAL, we intuitively and innately understand that constant forward progress or a struggle isn’t necessary to live a better life.

By using our intuition and energetic testing to identify – and neutralize – the charge in any situation, we can live in a state of calm and infinite potential at all times – like a car revving in neutral.