The Paradox of Positive Thinking

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“Over 85% of most people’s thoughts are negative”

I saw this quote in a LinkedIn article and energetically examined what it might mean in neutrality work.

The statement above – or similar ones – are often quoted in techniques that posit we need to deprogram negativities and “be more positive”.

Positivity and the Energetic “Sniff” test

When we feel into it;  the “85%” statement could be accurate for a few people, but it may not pass the energetic “sniff” test in terms of actual effect for many, perhaps most people that worry about – or worse – are told they should worry about – negative thoughts.

Simply HAVING a negative thought or thoughts – at times
doesn’t necessarily mean
it affects OUR energy in a detrimental way (or at all)

For many, negative thoughts

  • don’t affect our energy – or create any energetic weaknesses
    … and
  • are often NOT the source of our life issues or problems  

…. even though we think or believe the negative is the problem...    What does that mean?

Logic Fails Us – Again

We assume – through our own logic or collective consensus beliefs or opinion – that negative things – affect our energy and situation more.

But, rather than assume or make educated guesses, it’s better to check the energy and measure or gauge what’s really affecting us – energetically – or even mentally or physically.   We need to intuitively find the answers enfolded inside us – in our energy – instead of judging or assuming a totally logical (but wrong => “negatives are bad”) story we think is the issue.

For example, if our energy indicates we’re neutral with negative thoughts – (we call it “strong to”, “neutral to”) – as many people are, then that statement “Over 85%…thoughts are negative” – doesn’t have any meaning in our situation – except to polarize our energy and focus us on what we may ALREADY BE NEUTRAL TO (negative).

Focussing on something that’s resolved – that we’re already neutral to and isn’t the problem –  keeps the situation from changing – and is the very definition of stuck

So, What’s The Real Story?

Very often – our judgment of – and biases about – negative thoughts – or the concern or focus on them – can affect us in many ways – but not in the ways we would logically think.     I’ve listed just two common examples below.


What might weaken our energy – the real story – are positive thoughts or concepts.  It feels or seems like the negative thought is DRIVING the reaction, but in many cases, energetically – it’s NOT.

Often, this reaction we sense can be caused by the rebound energy used to suppress allowing the positive.

Why would a positive thought be detrimental?   This goes against all the current conventional and alternative theories…

The conventional assumption or theory is that the positive
(joy, love, laughing, positive expectations, etc)
could never be the real issue creating our symptoms. 

It’s hard to imagine, but many of us are programmed (energetically) by a sort of “scarcity mentality” to ACCEPT the negative without question and anticipate only short glimpses of the positive – before things get worse again, and we get discouraged, disappointed,  disillusioned or demoralized –  for long periods.

It’s often the anticipation, the expectation of something positive happening that could immediately trigger “something could go wrong” or “something always goes wrong” (eventually)…   So, we hesitate, resonate with – and perpetuate, attract or create experiences of – “good things don’t last”… or “when’s that shoe gonna drop”…

Get Neutral to:    Positive anticipation.   Even out positive with negative so our energy can equally – and evenly – support  positive things occurring and continuing – for longer periods.   When we’re even and neutral with any outcome, this neutralizes the effect of attracting polarizing experiences in our lives.


Our energy can attract, create or perpetuate dramas as a constant reminder to keep triggering us.

What?  Positive experiences and thoughts could be a problem?    That doesn’t make sense… hmm, or does it?

Our own experiences or the energy or experiences from others could energetically weaken us to a so-called a positive outcome.

For instance, this energy could attract happy people and we would be annoyed with them… and we may blame our reaction on circumstance or our current relationship or maybe our job.

Assumptions like – “negative thinking is the problem” …
may not be the real issue that weakens our energy.
If we believe our old “story” is the real problem,
we most likely just strengthen our stuck state – and nothing changes.   

In this case, our energy is strong / neutral with negatives and weak(er) to positives.   So, we may unconsciously push away the positives – because they weaken our energy.   But, it’s this very unevenness that attracts these (weakening) positive experiences and create the stress and dramas for us.

Get Neutral to:    The possibility of negatives ending, and strengthen accepting evenness of energy among the infinite possibilities between the positive and negative – and to prefer neither – so something new can manifest.

So, Make No Assumptions

Always check the energy of the situation – and make no snap judgments or assumptions.    Connecting with the real answers shifts us out of our predicament and gets us to neutral – so we can experience both positive and negative – evenly – with no energetic charge or bias that attracts or creates symptoms and dramas in our lives.

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