Tales of the Insignificant – When Little Things Bother Us


The “Information Effect”

We are inundated daily with warnings from experts, friends and family, the news media, and what we see or read in our news feeds about what is good or bad for us.

Worry seems to be our new national pastime.

Seems like every day there’s something new to worry, avoid, or get bothered about.   We internalize judgment of the dangers of our lifestyle or choices, our diet, the air we breathe, the water we drink.

Often, well-meaning people feel the need to warn (they say “inform”) us about the hundreds of dangers around us.   It’s not enough that they are bothered, the weight of their bothers weakens them so much they want everyone else to be bothered to feed off other people’s energy.

The problem is;  information doesn’t always have a positive effect

Our Problems are Significant!

Many believe the problems and symptoms they experience are caused by significant elements.     But, oftentimes, the energy of the situation shows us this is not the case.

Significant Effects from Insignificant Things

How many of us react to information related to small things?    When someone mentions how a minute exposure to a chemical, pesticide or substance can affect us, we assume it’s true – in all cases, and for everyone.

And maybe we take a deep breath or our pulse rises and we scour the web for the article, study or expert that reinforces the idea.

“Plastics containing bicamiphide alert!  WATCH OUT!”   

The message we internalize is;   small things can have significant effects. 

So, what are we actually reacting to?   It can’t be the substance we just read about.   We don’t even know what bicamiphide is yet.

An internal energetic undercurrent of – our own – and collective – worry and concern mixes in with the energy of our conscious and unconscious beliefs … and manifests the physical reaction we sense.   We may not consciously connect the dots at first, but our over concern, over worry and over analysis affects our wellness energetically – and later physically – in ways that are invisible to us in the moment.

This is an all too common pattern of a (non-physicalmental bother creating physical sensations and symptoms.

We can adjust to some of this, but when overreactions become a common pattern, eventually the cumulative energy-draining effects of these “bothers” can – and does – cause actual physical stagnation in one or more areas of our body.

The physical stagnation eventually surfaces a sensation that we label symptoms of pain, discomfort, irritation, hypersensitivity and so on.

Uncovering Our Answers

To find our symptom roots, we simply have to know what actually affects / weakens our energetic field – and, if left undiscovered – can become the future roots / sources of our symptoms.

We discover these energetic effects by using simple energetic testing … and throw out / ignore anything that tests “strong” (doesn’t weaken our energy).

A basic principle of this work is:  the only things that affect us …
are things that weaken our energy field

What keeps us stuck in the “no change” state are our assumptions, beliefs and focus on wrong answers –  the things that don’t weaken our energy – things that may logically or conventionally sound correct or reasonable, but don’t shift our symptoms  or life situation.  

Symptom Roots – Physical or Non-Physical?

When we examine sensations energetically – and check dozens and dozens of people, the physical substance is almost never the primary issue.  Physical anything isn’t the primary issue – because it doesn’t weaken the person’s energy field or test weak – as a primary or major effect – using energetic testing and/or numerical profiling.

So, what other possibilities are there?    Well, in our example, energetic testing tells us what bothers us is not physical.

Some might immediately suggest or assume or guess it’s “stress”, “anxiety”, “fear”, etc.    When we check, we find we are energetically strong (or neutral) to all of these words and concepts.    None of these (assumptions) weaken us energetically.

So, it’s something else.

Now, let’s reveal the real – non-physical – energetic weaknesses:

  • The first thing that weakens us the most – is the information itself (true or not).
  • The second thing is about something insignificant, small – i.e. “little things”.
    (like the song – “Little things mean a lot”)

“Little things” – this seems more like life issues – such as:

  • an accumulation of little annoyances, concern, bothers (triggers)
  • Be-littling comments bother us
  • having too little of anything (food, money, a job, relationships)
  • being little was painful (childhood)
  • being treated as insignificant
  • worry that microscopic things we can’t see can harm us or cause us to react (allergies, etc)
  • perfectionist tendency (that last little bit)

For this particular case, all of these things energetically weakened the person or persons.     Notice these are all life issues for these people related to small (insignificant) things, not bicamiphide or any physical substance.

We have to realize, if we’re (still) reacting, we don’t have the right answer.  

Checking the Energy of the Situation

When we and others like us internalize these warnings, we become energetically and mentally bothered by the information.  This adds to our cumulative bother about “little things” (could be a trillion-fold effect) and this further weakens our energy.

Soon, the trigger – on the gun we loaded with cumulative effect – so to speak – causes us to react disproportionately – even when there is no real threat.

Google … Your Energy

By using energetic testing, we can find the most significant effect, the 2nd most, the 3rd most and so on.   Rather than making what seem like educated guesses and informed choices, Googling, making assumptions, letting others make assumptions for us, avoiding, why not find the answers ourselves?

When we use energetic testing, we most likely find the physical substance itself that we thought had significant effect – doesn’t affect us in any meaningful way (much less than 1% through numerical profiling)

We may not realize that something as ubiquitous
as the energy of information
affects us significantly in our daily lives

When insignificant things become significant in our lives, it doesn’t just affect us mentally and physically.   These bothers can affect our finances and our relationships with the people around us making our daily routine more difficult than it needs to be.

So get neutral to information – whether it’s true or not – by using The Power of Neutrality® process.

When we’re more neutral, there are no energetic triggers that cause a reaction or create or attract the drama.

By the way, there is no such substance as bicamiphide.

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