Neutral – Where The Power Is..

Do you sometimes get stressed out and react to everyday events and situations?

We know something is bothering us, but do we know what it is?

We’re stuck in reaction mode, struggling.  And sometimes the imbalance or “charge” we get electrocutes us – for lack of a better term – with physical symptoms or sensations related to these events. Sound familiar?

But, what if it could be different? What if there was a way to minimize or eliminate the reaction?

The Neutral Choice

pattern07So, how can we break the cycle of struggle and reaction and the symptoms that follow?    Should we focus our energy on being more accepting or positive, or ignore or avoid the negative?

Actually, there is a third choice – neutrality.

WHEN WE’RE (ENERGETICALLY) NEUTRAL, we don’t reinforce or amplify the reaction effect, we simply delete it.

What does energetically neutral mean?

Neutrality is simply a state of no emotional charge or bias, or more accurately an evenness of charge across all the possibilities.

And what a powerful state of being.

It’s this evenness and balance of neutral energy that keeps us out of reacting mode and projecting out energy that attracts these events and situations.

But, in order to get to neutral, we have to intuitively find out what our real bother is.

When we can precisely identify what weakens us,  and even out the energy, we no longer react because we are balanced and centered in neutral.